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This site will be updated as time goes on. Links will be activated as Content and pages are added, the full story of how Scott Lee defeated Mark Towle and Kory Geick will be told.

Scott Lee is to date the only victim of Mark Towle's that has forced Towle through a Trial and defeated him.

This is why Scott Lee can disclose the questionable business practices of Kory Geick and Mark Towle without fear nor reservation.

For over a year while working with these Clowns of Con. Scott Lee collected recordings, emails, documents, affidavits, court records, court documents and other things so that he could not only defeat Mark Towle in the Courts, but to more importantly, publish for the General Good and protection of the Public how Mark Towle and Kory Geick have operated in the past that has harmed so many good people.

"All that is needed for Evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing."

Scott Lee is doing something about Mark Towle and Kory Geick.

Scott Lee is out to protect all of you against these Clowns of the Con!

Every Week Scott Lee will devote some time to telling his story and revealing the truth to the general public.

Scott Lee offers his assistance and testimony to anyone that is now or has been ripped off by Mark Towle and Kory Geick.

Mark Towle and Kory Geick were both forewarned many years ago that this site would definitely be built if Scott Lee was not paid with his 1966 Batmobile Replica which he more than fairly earned and paid for.

After being threatened so many times to be sued, Scott Lee was up front and honest with Mark Towle and Kory Geick what the consequences would be if they cheated Scott.

Kory Geick's responses were to laugh and tell Scott that he would quit any legal actions very quickly.

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The First Contract

Scott Lee was extended doing work past the one year required under contract another 2 years and was not compensated for the extra work and enlarged projects.

The following is an actual copy of the original first Contract between Scott Lee and Mark Towle from 2007.

The contract was very specific, after the year was completed, Scott Lee could not get his Batmobile Replica Kit from Mark Towle. They refused to complete the project and refused to allow Scott Lee to complete it by refusing the content to finish a section called Customer's Kudos. They refused the text and content for Customer Kudos while they enlarged the site and added more additions to it.

Scott Lee was told to wait for that content, meanwhile Mark Towle and Kory Geick demanded videos, ads, changes to the work, additional sections to the first contracted site, resizing of photos, moderating of the forum...on and on and on. When Scott Lee would object he was told just do this next thing and then you can get your Batmobile Kit but it was never enough. After each additional demand was completed they still weren't satisfied and still refused to say Scott had earned his replica kit.

Scott finally refused to do anymore when he was told that in order for him to even get them to concede that Scott had earned and owned his kit he had to go into a second Contract to have the Kit mounted. Scott said no at first but realized he was in a no win no end situation. Scott was told he would be sued if he didn't continue working. The offer was made to pay Scott's extra work he was coerced to do by Mark Towle's mounting his kit on a Corvette and all Scott had to do was 13 advanced HTML pages and pay for the donor Corvette.

The second 4 month Contract was turned into a 17 month nightmare for Scott with Mark Towle and Kory Geick refusing to give the content for the site, conflicting each other in directions causing Scott to do revision after revision after revision, the pre-approved layout was thrown out by Mark Towle (Violation of Contract) after designing 9 pages fully working and ready for their text. The pre-approved theme was thrown out by Mark Towle, making changes against the contract agreement a second time, constantly arguing to enlarge the site after 9 pages were fully designed and working missing only their new text which they still refused to provide.

The following months were revision after revision with Kory saying he wanted one thing and then Mark Towle saying he didn't tell Kory that was what he wanted. Scott was ping ponged back and forth constantly. Scott spent 2 weeks designing the landing page that Kory loved telling Scott he would talk Mark into it. He didn't and that home page was tossed away like nothing. Weeks and weeks turned into months of stalls and revisions. They refused to allow Scott to finish the site. Mark Towle refused to approve anything, even after 17 months of micro-managing and causing Scott to start completely over 3 times and tossing months of detailed work into the garbage.

They continued and forced Scott to turn what was required under contract to be a simple more advanced revision of a small low band width web site attached to the original Flash Site into a stand alone full web site that incorporated 56 HTML pages and a tremendous amount of images and conflicting code.

Mark Towle had approved a scrolling page layout that Scott knew he could complete within the 4 months IF they had given him their content. Mark Towle decided in violation of the contract that he wanted everything accessible in one page which meant Scott had to do even more advanced coding and design a single page layout that could display much more information, images and content.

They stretched out 17 months till Scott had had enough and demanded they give their final content to finish and his replica mounting completed where upon Mark Towle refused the final review of the web site, quit the project and had his attorney send Scott a letter demanding $22,750 from him and threatening a Lawsuit while denying Scott his mounted replica and attempting to tie him into yet a 3rd agreement. If Scott wanted his mounted replica he would have to pay Mark Towle another $22,750. Scott refused that coercion and filed a civil suit against Mark Towle the next week. Scott has still not been paid a dime, nor does he have his replica.

The First Contract

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