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This site will be updated as time goes on. Links will be activated as Content and pages are added, the full story of how Scott Lee defeated Mark Towle and Kory Geick will be told.

Scott Lee is to date the only victim of Mark Towle's that has forced Towle through a Trial and defeated him.

This is why Scott Lee can disclose the questionable business practices of Kory Geick and Mark Towle without fear nor reservation.

For over a year while working with these Clowns of Con. Scott Lee collected recordings, emails, documents, affidavits, court records, court documents and other things so that he could not only defeat Mark Towle in the Courts, but to more importantly, publish for the General Good and protection of the Public how Mark Towle and Kory Geick have operated in the past that has harmed so many good people.

"All that is needed for Evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing."

Scott Lee is doing something about Mark Towle and Kory Geick.

Scott Lee is out to protect all of you against these Clowns of the Con!

Every Week Scott Lee will devote some time to telling his story and revealing the truth to the general public.

Scott Lee offers his assistance and testimony to anyone that is now or has been ripped off by Mark Towle and Kory Geick.

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The Enforcement of Judgment

Scott Lee was forced to continue to prosecute Mark Towle nearly another full year past the trial because Mark Towle refused to comply with the Order of the Court and pay Scott Lee after he was delivered all of the work Scott Lee was ordered to provide him.

After the trial against Mark Towle which was held over the course of three days in Riverside Superior Court, Mark Towle was ordered to pay John Scott Lee, $35,000 plus 10% interest from the date Scott Lee filed his Cross Complaint against Mark Towle.

Nancyrose HernandezRather than accept defeat, Mark Towle continued to pay two high priced Attorneys to stall and continue to attempt to deceive the Superior Court of California of the County of Riverside. Mark Towle while throwing more money after bad, continued to incur large legal fees as well as pay two attorneys, Jeremiah Raxter and Nancyrose Hernandez for another 10 months wasting money, accruing more interest toward the Judgment against him and made little sense while doing so. The strategies of Raxter Law seemed to be to take advantage of a new incoming judge assigned the case and confuse the realities of the case while denying the verbal orders of the ruling judge during the conclusion of Mark Towle's trial.

Mark Towle filed yet another incredibly dishonest Declaration claiming the files he was served by Scott Lee were completely defective, that there was no web site on the flash drive, and then went on to list defects in every page of the web site Scott Lee delivered. Mark Towle stated he could not view the Web Site, that there was no Web Site on the Flash drive and then went to great lengths to critique nearly every page of it. This made no sense of course because Mark Towle was claiming he was reviewing a web site he had stated did not exist on the flash drive. Mark Towle coerced 56 HTML pages out of Scott Lee with threats of total losses and Law Suits when the second contract only required Scott Lee to design 13 pages. Mark Towle swore under oath that nearly every page was defective in some way even though he had quit the project and had refused a final review before quitting the project, denying Scott the content to complete it fully, and any and all payment to Scott. Mark Towle then rewarded Scott Lee for his $8,000 paid to him and 5 years of sacrifice doing web work up front and trusting he would be paid by Mark Towle, by filing an Unlimited Law Suit against Scott from California.

Other nonsensical claims from Mark Towle through his attorneys were that the web files were not a web site, that Scott Lee was ordered to deliver a working web site and that the web site being given on a flash drive did not constitute a working web site. All and every claim presented by Mark Towle and his attorneys were completely nonsensical but they managed to stretch the litigation another ten months.

This situation was also exasperated by the Court switching Judges during this litigation which brought a new female Judge, Irma Asberry on the case whom was not familiar with the actual circumstances nor the verbal orders of the previous Judge, John Molloy.

Raxter Law and Mark Towle continued to dodge, sidestep and attempt to confuse the Judge. Nancyrose Hernandez whom had earned her Law certification merely months before these hearings simply walked into the Courtroom straight faced to the Judge and fabricated untruths. Right out of the gate of being allowed to practice Law, Nancyrose began her career with lies and deception to this Superior Court, speaking directly to a newly seated Judge and showing absolutely no integrity toward expressing any truth.

Mark Towle also employed his latter Web Designer to write a letter on his behalf whom claimed the Web Site was unfinished, Video Boxes, had no videos in them and other nonsense. It was as if the Web Designer had not been told Mark Towle had quit the project and did not provide the content that his new Web Designer found missing or objected to being instructed as to where to place content within the design if and when Mark Towle ever provided his content. Nancyrose Hernandez also stood in front of the Judge and claimed Judge Molloy had never mentioned that files were to be given to Mark Towle but that Mark Towle should be given a fully working web site which would require Scott Lee to publish an unapproved web site that violated DC Comics Trademarks and then hand over the login information to Mark Towle. This would have placed Scott Lee in the gun sights of DC Comics for Trademark Infringement.

Jeremiah RaxterIn addition, when Scott Lee had sent the flash drive to Raxter Law, Raxter Law claimed they lost the flash drive full of Scott's work and requested a duplicate copy, which Scott flatly refused them. On top of this, Rater Law sent the drive once they claimed they had found it, directly to Mark Towle, instead of having it protected from tampering before being sent on to a Web Expert to evaluate. Mark Towle admitted in his Declaration that he opened files and toyed with the flash disc before sending it to his chosen Web Expert. No protected Chain of Custody was provided by Jeremiah Raxter to keep tampering from occurring to the files prior to evaluation nor was an unbiased Web Expert employed to review the Web files.

In addition, his new Web Designer had only 6 years of web design experience who's previous work showed apparently no ability nor the knowledge required to work with the complicated coding which Scott Lee was forced to include in the project due to Mark Towle's never ending demands which finally ended when Towle quit the project, threatened to sue Scott Lee and then refused to pay him with his mounted Batmobile Replica. Mark Towle's so called Web Expert apparently was not experienced enough to work with the files much less evaluate them.

At this point, Mark Towle has wasted thousands more in Legal fees, nearly a year more of the Court's time, Court costs, and caused Scott Lee ten more months of losses.

Mark Towle's manipulative Declaration and his supposed Web Expert's letter will also be uploaded for all to see at a later time. Scott has still not been compensated. At this time Mark Towle owes by Court's order, an amount approaching or exceeding $44,000 and increasing daily.

Mark TowleThe logic and reasoning of Mark Towle to do what he has done to Scott Lee in respect to the costs to him and losses defies all understanding. Rather than just fairly pay Scott Lee that gave his time, trust and money to him upfront, Mark Towle has chosen to waste untold amounts of money and time on Attorneys, Court fees, interest and still after all these burns, lost both cases against an Art Director that had never had a single day of Law School who fought the good fight representing himself as his own attorney.

Rather than just release to Scott his Replica Batmobile which Scott had every right to have, Mark Towle chose to wage a war he thought he could never lose because he had more money and the home field advantage. Mark Towle lost and now the entire world can plainly see what type of people Mark Towle and Kory Geick really are. At great personal cost, Scott Lee has exposed Mark Towle and Kory Geick to protect the public and all of you.

The rulings of the Court set in stone that Scott Lee did all he could and more than he was required to do and that Mark Towle did everything he could for over a decade to take all he could from a fellow Creative and attempt to devastate him. More truth will be shared.

The following is an actual true copy of the final ruling to Enforce the Judgment handed down upon Mark Towle on May 30, 2017 10 months after he refused to Comply with the Court's order.

The Enforcement Order

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