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This is the story of a Single Dad that was swept up in a scam to take advantage of him, tie him into two Contracts that damaged his life, took years of his work without payment and thousands of his dollars in a deal that should have paid him a 1966 Batmobile Replica that he could have completed in a few Years. Instead, he was totally ripped off.

This site will be updated as time goes on. Links will be activated as Content and pages are added, the full story of how Scott Lee defeated Mark Towle and Kory Geick will be told.

Scott Lee is to date the only victim of Mark Towle's that has forced Towle through a Trial and defeated him.

This is why Scott Lee can disclose the questionable business practices of Kory Geick and Mark Towle without fear nor reservation.

Mark Towle and Kory Geick were both forewarned many years ago that this site would definitely be built if Scott Lee was not paid with his 1966 Batmobile Replica which he more than fairly earned and paid for.

"Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them."
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The Injunction

Mark Towle used his Injunction from DC Comics to cheat Scott Lee out of his Replica getting a money judgment placed in it's less than replaced value from the Superior Court which he claims he will file bankruptcy on.

Mark Towle whom was punished with an injunction issued upon him by the California District Court on behalf of DC Comics. He employed this injunction to claim fraudulently that he could not release Scott Lee's property to him regardless that he admitted in open Court that Scott Lee had owned the replica kit as well as the chassis and had fully earned the car with his web work.

Mark Towle's attorney has told Scott that he will make sure Scott Lee gets nothing yet Scott Lee is required by the Court to release his work to Mark Towle in order to get the monetary judgment. Mark Towle is banned from further building the replica, displaying it selling it or finishing it. If anyone gets word that Mark Towle has done anything with Scott Lee's Replica we urge them to contact us through this Web Site.

The Judge wanted to give Scott Lee his car even asking Mark Towle if he could alter it to represent a Futura and Mark Towle's answer was that he doesn't work for free. This smug answer was after he stole nearly 5 years of Scott Lee's work, $8,000 of his money and 5 years of Scott Lee's time and efforts forcing him to fight him through the courts to defend a frivolous lawsuit and to prosecute him for refusing to pay. Mark Towle is a deplorable, and horrible person!

Many have claimed that they wanted to see the injunction so we at BattyLeaks are publishing the actual Exhibit Mark Towle presented to the Superior Court in the Towle v. Lee Case. Mark Towle is ordered to pay Scott Lee $35,000 plus interest on or before December 14th 2016. If Mark Towle refuses to be a Man and pay his debts you will see the documents here on this site as they are released to Scott. Mark Towle's refusal to pay his debts, stand up and be a Man will be presented here.

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