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This is the story of a Single Dad that was swept up in a scam to take advantage of him, tie him into two Contracts that damaged his life, took years of his work without payment and thousands of his dollars in a deal that should have paid him a 1966 Batmobile Replica that he could have completed in a few Years. Instead, he was totally ripped off.

This site will be updated as time goes on. Links will be activated as Content and pages are added, the full story of how Scott Lee defeated Mark Towle and Kory Geick will be told.

Scott Lee is to date the only victim of Mark Towle's that has forced Towle through a Trial and defeated him.

This is why Scott Lee can disclose the questionable business practices of Kory Geick and Mark Towle without fear nor reservation.

For over a year while working with these Clowns of Con. Scott Lee collected recordings, emails, documents, affidavits, court records, court documents and other things so that he could not only defeat Mark Towle in the Courts, but to more importantly, publish for the General Good and protection of the Public how Mark Towle and Kory Geick have operated in the past that has harmed so many good people.

"All that is needed for Evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing."

Scott Lee is doing something about Mark Towle and Kory Geick.

Scott Lee is out to protect all of you against these Clowns of the Con!

Every Week Scott Lee will devote some time to telling his story and revealing the truth to the general public.

Scott Lee offers his assistance and testimony to anyone that is now or has been ripped off by Mark Towle and Kory Geick.

Mark Towle and Kory Geick were both forewarned many years ago that this site would definitely be built if Scott Lee was not paid with his 1966 Batmobile Replica which he more than fairly earned and paid for.

After being threatened so many times to be sued, Scott Lee was up front and honest with Mark Towle and Kory Geick what the consequences would be if they cheated Scott.

Kory Geick's responses were to laugh and tell Scott that he would quit any legal actions very shortly if started because he wouldn't be able to stand up to a much wealthier Mark Towle and that Mark Towle would take everything he owned.



































"Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them."
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He Sold My Batmobile Kit

Mark Towle sold Scott Lee's personal property out from under him without permission nor his knowledge.

Mark Towle signed in the second contract he had with Scott Lee that Scott Lee had earned, paid for and done good work on the first web site. Mark Towle had sent Scott Lee an image of his Kit that mark Towle claimed was his and was being kept safe from harm. Mark Towle was conditionally required under both contracts not to allow any harm to Scott Lee's Batmobile kit.


Scott Lee was being constantly told that Mark Towle was going to rip him off by people in the Batmobile world and he would never get his Batmobile Kit. Scott voiced concerns of this to Mark Towle and Kory Geick. The reputations of Mark Towle and Kory Geick on the Internet were those of being thieves and manipulators.

To assure Scott Lee that his kit was Scott's, Mark Towle sprayed a Superman symbol on the hood and sent the images of the body to Scott Lee claiming the "S" on the hood stood for Scott's ownership. This relieved Scott a little but the contacts still came in telling Scott that Mark Towle and Kory Geick were rip offs and that Scott would never get his kit.

Scottcar 1

Some nine months or so after far too many revisions and stalls by Mark Towle, he sent this image to Scott claiming it was his Mounted Replica. Scott Immediately noticed that the S sprayed on the car's hood was missing and started asking questions about why the car did not appear to be his. This came amidst many people telling Scott that Kory Geick and Mark Towle send build pics that aren't actually of the client's cars and that they use old photos to show clients the same image. Scott was being told that Mark sells two cars but actually builds one while attempting to get both to continue to give money while only one car is being built. All the accusations built doubt in Scott's Mind. The swapping of bodies and the missing S on the hood became very troubling for Scott.

Scott Car 3

Kory Geick told Scott that they figured Scott would notice the change whereupon Kory informed Scott that Mark had to swap out the kits because the Kit had been damaged and couldn't be used. Scott never gave them any permission to swap out his kit. Scott Lee suspected the swapped image scam and was doubting any car was being built for him at all at this point. Mark Towle never informed Scott his Kit had been damaged nor ever expressed any problem with his kit before Scott noticed the swap of bodies in the pics.

Scott Car4

Scott had no choice but to hope Mark Towle and Kory Geick weren't sending Scott pics of a previously mounted replica and that the car was his, but the reality was that they were dragging their feet and not giving him content to build the site and that made Scott Lee more upset as time went on. The contract to build the 2nd HTML web revision expired in mid August of 2010 By August of 2011 Scott was still attempting to get the content from Mark Towle so he could complete the work and Mark Towle had still not completed his work on mounting the replica which was now a year late and he had stated he could get done easilly within 3 weeks.

During the Course of litigating the Lawsuit, Mark Towle stated that the Kit had been switched because the Kit had been damaged. Then after that, evidently Mark Towle realized that his stating Scott Lee's property had been damaged would be a breach of contract so he switched his statement about the kit being damaged to stating that he sold Scott's property to another client because he needed to prevent damage to the kit. Scott Lee has no idea even now how this possibly makes sense. See the proof below, part of Mark Towle's Answer to Scott Lee's Cross Complaint! Mark Towle had sold Scott Lee's Kit without permission. Mark Towle actually admitted to stealing Scott Lee's property he was assigned by contract to hold, protect and work on and sold it to someone else.

sold my kit

The facts are that Mark Towle signed a second contract defining clearly that the original kit was Scott Lee's fully owned personal property and that Mark Towle had no claim to the ownership of it. Scott Lee later found out during litigation within Mark Towle's pleading that he had indeed stolen Scott Lee's property and on his own without permission nor Scott Lee's knowledge sold Scott's property to someone else. Mark Towle stated he replaced Scott's Kit with another substantially similar to it but this is no excuse. Mark Towle delayed the project well past the day he received his injunction from DC Comics which up to now has blocked Scott Lee from obtaining his own personal property. Scott Lee owns a Batmobile Kit that was stolen from him by Mark Towle and is illegally being held by someone else.

In line 108. you can see verification of Mark Towles "Delivered to his shop scam". He claims he delivered the Kit to Scott Lee at his shop therefore the kit had already been delivered to Scott according to him. Mark Towle refused Scott any opportunity to get his replica or kit out of Towle's shop. Mark Towle is an irreprehensible calculating Con Man, which is proven by that one paragraph alone much less all the other evidence that will be presented in this site exposing him and his accomplice Kory Geick.

"Mark Towle stole my personal property he was signed under Contract to protect and keep from harm and sold it to someone else. Then he stalled building my replica and giving his content for the Web Site to the point of having an injunction on him that allowed him to keep my replaced property which he also claimed was my replaced property. I had called and pleaded again and again to get my car out of his shop because of his Lawsuit with DC Comics and he refused. He's a despicable poor excuse for human being. He's a horrible person, just beyond disgraceful!"

ScottcarwheelMark Towle took another man's property and sold it when he had no right to do so. Mark Towle essentially stole Scott Lee's Batmobile kit which was Scott's own personal property and sold it to someone else. The kit he replaced it with, he managed to hold onto by being placed under an injunction by DC Comics that banned him from releasing Scott Lee's own personal Property. Scott asked Mark Towle and Kory Geick over and over to allow him to remove his replica from Mark Towle's shop once the Lawsuit began and they refused him over and over again. Mark Towle simply refused and kept telling Scott Lee there was nothing DC Comics could do to take his replica from him.

There is no difference in what Mark Towle did to Scott Lee than if you took your car to have it's brake pads replaced and the owner of the business sold your car and it was gone when you came to pick it up. The injustice and unfairnesses of Mark Towle's actions are heinous and unforgivable. Scott had paid more than Mark Towle's own costs in cash for the kit and worked 2 years above and beyond their agreement for it and then Mark Towle simply sold it out from under him.

By selling Scott's Batmobile Kit, refusing Scott to be allowed to pick it up as well as refusing to give Scott his content needed to complete the second contract, Mark Towle managed to force Scott Lee into a monetary settlement instead of obtaining his own property. Scott Lee shared no blame in the punishments on Mark Towle by DC Comics and yet Scott remains punished with no payment for any of his work and Mark Towle claiming to Scott he won't get paid anything because Mark Towle will file bankruptcy on the Money the court ruled he owes Scott.

Mark Towle is a reprehensible horrible excuse for a human being, and that is all there is to it. Mark Towle is someone that does anything he can to take through an agreement as much as he can and then scams and schemes to not pay a thing for what he takes from someone in that agreement. Mark Towle does this to the point of forcing that guiltless person through 5 years of litigation. The people that told Scott he would never get his Kit were RIGHT! Mark Towle is a heartless calculating dishonest sad excuse of a small petty Man. Hell, you can't even call someone that does these things a Man. That's NOT being a Man! THAT'S BEING A SNAKE!