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This site will be updated as time goes on. Links will be activated as Content and pages are added, the full story of how Scott Lee defeated Mark Towle and Kory Geick will be told.

Scott Lee is to date the only victim of Mark Towle's that has forced Towle through a Trial and defeated him.

This is why Scott Lee can disclose the questionable business practices of Kory Geick and Mark Towle without fear nor reservation.

For over a year while working with these Clowns of Con. Scott Lee collected recordings, emails, documents, affidavits, court records, court documents and other things so that he could not only defeat Mark Towle in the Courts, but to more importantly, publish for the General Good and protection of the Public how Mark Towle and Kory Geick have operated in the past that has harmed so many good people.

"All that is needed for Evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing."

Scott Lee is doing something about Mark Towle and Kory Geick.

Scott Lee is out to protect all of you against these Clowns of the Con!

Every Week Scott Lee will devote some time to telling his story and revealing the truth to the general public.

Scott Lee offers his assistance and testimony to anyone that is now or has been ripped off by Mark Towle and Kory Geick.

Mark Towle and Kory Geick were both forewarned many years ago that this site would definitely be built if Scott Lee was not paid with his 1966 Batmobile Replica which he more than fairly earned and paid for.

After being threatened so many times to be sued, Scott Lee was up front and honest with Mark Towle and Kory Geick what the consequences would be if they cheated Scott.

Kory Geick's responses were to laugh and tell Scott that he would quit any legal actions very shortly if started because he wouldn't be able to stand up to a much wealthier Mark Towle and that Mark Towle would take everything he owned.








































































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ie: "He was Geicked! Mark Towle sold his Kit!"

"She got Geicked! Mark Towle kept her deposit!"

"Mark Towle Geicked him and kept his money!"

"Robbers Geicked the crippled blind man!"

"He's a Geick, don't deal with him!"

"Don't trust that Geick!"

1. an act or instance of ripping off another or others; a theft, cheat, or swindle.

2. exploitation, especially of those who cannot prevent or counter it.

3. a copy or imitation when promised a genuine item.

4. "Geick" a person who rips off another or others; thief, swindler, or Con Man.

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Scott Lee was used and abused by Mark Towle and Kory Geick for nearly 5 years. This is his DO NOT LIST!

Before you decide to do any business with Mark Towle do your research. Read this page fully!

  • Mark TowleSandra McKee lost $7,000 of her Money to Mark Towle. Look HERE!
  • A Man in Iowa lost $12,000 to Mark Towle and had to hire an attorney to get his money back after Mark Towle refused to deliver on a 3 month agreement nearing 2 years.
  • A man in Louisiana lost 90,000 to Mark Towle and had to file a Lawsuit against Mark Towle and likely has still not recovered all of his money much less his attorney fees.
  • Scott Lee lost $8,000, attorney's fees, 4 years of Web Work, had a frivolous Lawsuit filed against him and had to fight Mark Towle for over 4 years through litigation to get a court order that Mark Towle's Attorney has told Scott he is simply going to file bankruptcy against and not pay him anything. Fully review this Web Site and come back as it enlarges.
  • A man named Chris Woodside has reported tremendous problems with Mark Towle though we know what happened, without his participation we can not fully report it because his very long threads of complaint were deleted by the forum owner after being up for a year or more. You can reach out to Chris HERE!
  • A Cosplayer building a replica Batmobile with a different builder paid Mark Towle $3,000 for parts for use on his replica. Mark Towle sent his builder defective parts and never replaced them nor gave him his money back. BattyLeaks does have confirming documentation on this.
  • Mark Towle is known for attempting to cleanse the Internet of the complaints about him by issuing legal threats against web site owners. Please look at THIS!
  • There is more that we can not report on because of the non participation of the victims of Mark Towle. They likely have fear of legal reprisals. You should read all of the information and complaints published to protect others in this web site as well, HERE!
  • Mark Towle when settling with his clients demands a non-disclosure clause silencing them so there is no telling how many other victims are out there forced to remain silent nor what they lost.
  • Mark Towle was targeted by DC Comics to be singled out as the only unlicensed Car Builder for a lengthy civil suit to stop him from building Batmobiles or any other Batman related items to protect their brand's reputation.
  • Mark Towle was the builder that claimed he had licensing to build Speed Racer Mach 5 replicas with Speed Racer Enterprises, that was sued by Tatsunoko Production for not paying Tatsunoko and continuing to exploit rights after their rights to do so had expired. Mark Towle has removed his speed racer Mach 5 from his poorly made web site but he has left a page active on the Internet that can be found on Google. Though he likely has no rights to build the Mach 5, he continues to advertise his product HERE!
  • Mark Towle has never to date that we are aware of presented any proof that he has license rights to build the replicas of Trademarked Properties owned by others.

The following are a list of recommended rules to follow from Scott Lee who knows these clowns well and was told how they actually operate by Kory Geick when Kory Geick let his guard down one evening while he was intoxicated and after he had had a terrible argument with his now ex wife. Kory Geick was breaking and decided to confess to Scott the truth of what they actually do.

The next day after being told what they actually do, Scott Lee sent Mark Towle his resignation as his Web Designer. Scott Lee wanted nothing more to do with working with them after what he was told they intentionally do to people. These are Scott's words of advice to protect yourself.

1. DO NOT make first contact with Mark Towle under any circumstances.

If you are contacted by anyone telling you you should get in touch with Mark Towle don't do it yourself. If he wants your business, force him to Contact you and keep proof of that "First Contact". If you make first contact Mark Towle will keep a record of that first contact and use it to force you to travel to California for any dispute. If you get ripped off he will use proof of this first contact to claim California as the proper venue for your dispute. Then your case might be thousands of miles away from you. Travel to California, their Attorneys and filing fees are far more expensive than your local attorney and courts will likely be in most instances. Don't do it!

2. DO NOT allow anyone to tell you they speak for Mark Towle and route anything to him, especially Kory Geick.... DON'T DO IT!

Kory GeickIf you are contacted by anyone telling you they work or speak for Mark Towle, especially Kory Geick, understand that if you go into litigation, Mark Towle can and likely will refuse to admit that the person that contacted you had any authority to speak for him and was only a friend, is NOT an employee NOR agent of his. Look at this!!!! Mark Towle will be able to deny any agreements this secondary person made with you that was not put in writing. Don't do it!

Click HERE to see Mark Towle's Denial that Kory Geick is his agent!

3. DO NOT sign any Contract you are presented by Mark Towle!

If you sign a contract prepared by Mark Towle it will likely have a non disclosure clause and an escape clause that benefits only him. Have your own attorney draft a contract that protects you and demands within your contract that any dispute defines your home jurisdiction for any disputes. Do not go forward with any Contract Mark Towle refuses to have notarized nor that does not specify you have home jurisdiction for legal process and re-compensation of legal costs. NEVER sign any contract with Mark Towle nor verbally agree to anything that includes a Non-Disclosure agreement of any form. If things go bad you need to be free to speak out, gather witnesses, forewarn others. Don't do it!

Mark Towle Total Escape Clause!escape clause

Mark Towle Total Non-Disclosure Agreement Demand for Settlement!
Nondisclosure clause

4. DO NOT pay any money up front to Mark Towle!

If you make a large deposit to Mark Towle for a replica or for work up front, keep in mind if he keeps your deposit and doesn't deliver product to you, you are likely out of luck unless you have $30,000 to pay an attorney to attempt to get your money back and that would be just the retainer. An extreme narcissist will do anything not to be beaten in a dispute. Don't expect to get your attorney fees back either. Rarely, unless it is stated within your contract will you be awarded attorney fees even if you never did anything wrong nor violated any agreements. Remember, Mark Towle can file a frivolous lawsuit upon you as he did to Scott Lee when you have done absolutely nothing wrong to keep you from your replica and this could cost you $50,000 or more that you can't recover just to have that false Lawsuit dismissed in a Court of Law. Don't do it!

5. DO NOT agree to any delays and have in your Contract a guaranteed delivery date or a money back clause with monetary penalty of pain against Mark Towle.

If you go into a deal with Mark Towle be aware that delays and excuses as to why he is months or even years late with your replica can lead you to a total loss of your money. Do not allow Mark Towle to delay delivery of what you paid for past the statute of limitations for filing civil action to recover your money. Object to all delays and never agree to one in any way or he will say you agreed to the delays and stalls. Don't do it!

6. DO NOT allow Mark Towle to place in any agreement that your replica or parts will be delivered to you for pick up at his shop.

Mark Towle is known for moving shops and then hiding his shop locations from his clients. In Scott's case as with other victims he has spoken with, Mark Towle can claim your replica or parts are already yours and delivered to you but will likely make every excuse possible not to allow you to pick them up at his shop. Make sure any agreement states fully that delivery must take place at your location and signed for by you personally. Make sure you have a signed contract for parts and that their quality must be excellent or you get your money back without returning them. Mark Towle is known for sending defective parts and then refusing to replace them or demanding you must travel to California and pick any replacement parts up in person, but only after you send back his defective parts! Don't do it!

7. DO NOT allow Mark Towle to talk you into improvements or any additional work
beyond what you agreed to in your original contract.

Mark Towle is known for stating the client ordered changes and additional work verbally and then demanding huge sums of money for any verbal revisions of your original contract. Be aware that doing any verbal agreements not in writing can be later denied by Mark Towle and you could likely have your replica withheld by a Mechanics lien and held hostage till you pay him far more than you agreed to, like $22,750 more, which is what Towle demanded from Scott Lee and the $25,000 Sandra McKee swore Mark Towle demanded within her Affidavit. If you need further advice on this, contact his previous client, Chris Woodside. No Large Deposits! Don't do it!

8. DO NOT allow Mark Towle to obtain a donor vehicle for you!

Mark Towle is known for stating he will find you a nice donor car and then you find yourself with a salvage title or a junk salvage vehicle being used as your donor car. Never allow Mark Towle to choose or purchase a donor vehicle for you. As in Scott's case, Mark Towle not only purchased a junk lien-ed vehicle for Scott after promising him a nice, no rust, low mileage Corvette but he refused to send the title or proof of ownership he was under contract to provide to Scott. Don't do it!

9. DO NOT ever surrender your Title to Mark Towle!

Mark Towle is known for holding on to Titles and not releasing them to his clients. Make sure you have a title in hand by your own purchase or refuse to make the deal. Under no circumstances should you trust Mark Towle to hand you the Title for a donor you purchased through him. Make sure you have a clean title for your replica and in your name. If you can't have that going into any deal..... Don't do it!

10. DO NOT visit Mark Towle's shop!

If you are actually allowed to visit Mark Towle's shop this can determine jurisdiction in his favor. If you need to verify his work, you should hire someone to go for you, like a private investigator or a process server to take video and pics for you and always verify the car's VIN number is a match to the one on your Title. Don't visit his shop or go to meet him. EVER if you want to keep local jurisdiction in any dispute. Don't do it!

11. DO NOT Pay Mark Towle for Delivery in Advance!

If you are needing your replica delivered to your home arrange it yourself and pay for it yourself but be aware that Mark Towle likely will never allow a time or a designated location for your shipper to retrieve your replica. Mark Towle refused to make himself available to meet a shipper for Scott Lee to obtain his Kit as well refused to allow Scott to pick up his kit, even though Scott Lee included that he was obligated to within their contract. Mark Towle agreed to assist in that delivery within their contract but he made every excuse in the book and refused assist in any way. Mark Towle told Scott that he couldn't be bothered to get up in the morning to meet a shipper to pick up his kit. There is no reason to risk the loss of an additional $2,000 by paying Mark Towle in advance for delivery. Don't do it!

12. DO NOT barter anything in trade with Mark Towle!

Mark Towle is known for bartering something along with the money to purchase a replica. He is known for denying that the bartered item is as agreed to, that there is something wrong with it and he will likely keep you from getting your parts or replica this way by claiming you didn't uphold your end of the agreement by not providing what you agreed to in barter, even if what you bartered was perfectly good and he already received it from you. Don't do it!

13. DO NOT allow any quit clause that claims each person gets compensation to date at the time of quitting the agreement!

Mark Towle is known for having a quit clause in his contract. If you get tired of waiting for your product and you send him a letter from your attorney demanding your replica as is, this activates his quit clause, then he could attempt to demand a $500 per hour payment as compensation for work done to date that was orally agreed to but not revised in writing. He will have the ability to make this amount as inflated as he cares to. The verbal explanation he gave for the agreement will be out the window and he could likely deny you your replica until you come up with a huge amount of additional money for him. Do not modify any agreements with Mark Towle in writing without his notarized signature. Previous clients have reported that Mark Towle likes to demand a sum in the mid $20,000 range placed on clients if they want their replica after running out of patience with him, like $22,750 more, which is what Towle demanded from Scott Lee and the $25,000 Sandra McKee swore to in her Affidavit. If you need further advice on this, contact his previous client, Chris Woodside. Don't do it!

14. DO NOT allow Kory Geick nor Mark Towle to engage you as a friend!

Mark Towle and Kory Geick are known for trying to gain trust by claiming friendship to gain more money on deposit as well as get you to agree to delays or agreements verbally that will take you past your statute of limitations making it impossible to take legal action, or leave you with a mechanics lien for over $20,000 owed. Mark Towle as well as Kory Geick like to make Mark Towle out to be some sort of Rock Star of Car Builders and that it would be your honor to actually be friends with him. Don't do it!

15. DO NOT trust images and pictures sent to you of build progress!

Mark Towle and Kory Geick are known for sending out pics to clients that can't be verified they are not images of earlier builds. Send a representative to take pics for you. Make sure your contract demands updates on your build progress. If they are late or stall, take legal action immediately, don't delay. Any allowance to letting them delay or stall can be viewed by the Court as an agreement that you agreed to their breaches. Don't do it!!

16. DO NOT allow Mark Towle to make Continual Breaches to your agreement. Stop
him immediately when he commits his first Breach with legal action.

Mark Towle and Kory Geick are known for breaching agreements and stretching the breaches out over years, then they'll likely say you went along with those breaches, that you agreed to waiting years longer or any other thing they refuse to complete under the agreement. Mark Towle breached every clause of Scott's contracts with him. All of them! By the deadline of the contract with Scott Lee, Mark Towle had done absolutely nothing toward completion of their contract including giving Scott Lee the content needed to complete his own work to complete their contract. Don't do it!

17. DO NOT trust anything Kory Geick tells you or says.... EVER!

As is proven fully in this site, Kory Geick has no problem with lying in a Federal Deposition nor lying within a sworn Declaration in Scott Lee's Court case. Mark Towle has demonstrated he has no problem with doing this as well. Kory Geick is widely known to be a habitual liar. DO NOT trust that Kory Geick is ever being honest with you, EVER! Do not be fooled by Kory Geick's religious prophet act. It is only an act. Kory Geick is not a Man of God nor is he religious in a sincere way. He gains trust by claiming to be spiritual and now a Minister for God. Kory's minister license came from an on-line instant application. Don't fall MARK TOWLEfor his "I'm one of the good guys" act! Don't do it!

18. DO NOT allow Mark Towle to Bully You!

Mark Towle's advertised persona is as a rough and tumble infamous biker and Scott was told Mark maintains close ties with the Hells Angels, thus his image on his uncompleted Web Site of him looking stern and mean with a large wrench in his hand ready to pummel you. Don't let this advertised persona they present intentionally intimidate you. Stand up for yourself and take a Bully on. Don't let Mark Towle place you in fear of reprisals. Don't allow Kory Geick to place you in fear either. Don't do it!


Refuse to allow Kory Geick any part in your deal. Name him as an employee of Mark Towle within your Contract if they want him included in any part of your process. If they refuse. Walk away from any and all deals. Kory Geick is the main shield or method of deception Mark Towle employs to confuse or degrade your case against him legally as well as delay or confuse your agreements with him. Don't Get Geicked! Don't do it!

20. DO NOT allow contact by Phone!

Refuse to allow any real modifications, agreements and restrict telephone contact especially if you do not reside in a one party recording state. If you do reside in a one party recording state.... RECORD EVERYTHING, ALL CONTACT. Keep in mind though depending on your Judge if litigating in California your recordings of conversations could be thrown out if you don't notify them each time they are being recorded. If you can't do that legally, then lock down your phone to Mark Towle and Kory Geick and demand all contact through email so you can have a proven record of what is happening in your deal. Keep everything in a legal provable record. If you are called, don't answer your phone for them and respond via email. Save all recordings left for you on your answering machine.

Obtain a service like Vonage which not only transcribes and sends you an email of your messages, but also sends you a .wav electronic file of the recording to save to your computer with data in that email that proves fully with tracking identification of who called you and when. Save your phone records and back-up everything. The best offence is a great defense. Don't let these guys force your agreements and verbal evidence to exist lost forever in the stratosphere for a Judge later to allow an objection to. Don't do it!

21. DO NOT use a local or employer email account with these clowns.

Make sure all of your emails are within a National email server like Yahoo or Gmail. If you change email companies like a local phone, cable provider or employer email account you could lose all of your emails if you switch jobs or email providers. You want to make sure that your emails will be there when you need to print them out and present them as evidence possibly even years down the road. Don't lose your email evidence. Don't do it!

22. DO NOT forget that Mark Towle has been in near continuous litigation!

Keep in mind that Mark Towle might rather spend $8,000 of your own money on an attorney rather than return your $30,000 deposit while full well knowing that you would have to spend another $30,000 just to get an attorney retained to begin your case against him. That could be a win, win for him, he could spend $8,000 of your own money against you and if you can't afford a full blown lawsuit you are forced to give up and he could walk away with your $22,000 in his soiled pocket while laughing at you after you sign a settlement non-disclosure agreement because you can't afford a frivolous lawsuit forced upon you. If you can't afford to lose $50,000 or more on Attorney fees after you give Mark Towle a large deposit.... Don't do it!

Before you ever decide to deal with Mark Towle in any way, do your research. Contact any former clients that you can reach. Mark Towle is an experienced litigant, this fact is not in question. He has been named and pursued in multiple legal cases concerning his questionable business practices. Kory Geick has been included in most of them as well. Also, remember that Mark Towle demands a non disclosure agreement when he settles disputes so don't be surprised if many of his previous clients will not speak with you. Don't go into any agreements with Mark Towle without first contacting his previous clients. Don't do it!