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This site will be updated as time goes on. Links will be activated as Content and pages are added, the full story of how Scott Lee defeated Mark Towle and Kory Geick will be told.

Scott Lee is to date the only victim of Mark Towle's that has forced Towle through a Trial and defeated him.

This is why Scott Lee can disclose the questionable business practices of Kory Geick and Mark Towle without fear nor reservation.

For over a year while working with these Clowns of Con. Scott Lee collected recordings, emails, documents, affidavits, court records, court documents and other things so that he could not only defeat Mark Towle in the Courts, but to more importantly, publish for the General Good and protection of the Public how Mark Towle and Kory Geick have operated in the past that has harmed so many good people.

After being threatened so many times to be sued, Scott Lee was up front and honest with Mark Towle and Kory Geick what the consequences would be if they cheated Scott.




















































































































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The DC Comics Lawsuit

"I never get myself into a Lawsuit I can't win" - Mark Towle, 2011

D.C. Comics filed a Lawsuit on Mark Towle for Trademark and Copyright infringement. Towle forced this Lawsuit all the way to the United States Supreme Court yet he lost the Lawsuit on all counts. Mark Towle was ruled to pay his own Attorney fees and a monetary judgment of $70,000 was ordered upon him to be paid to DC Comics. A permanent injunction was placed upon Mark Towle that forbids him from ever selling, replicating or advertising any further bootleg intellectual properties owned by DC Comics.

Scott Lee was told by a friend that had access to the Court documents that Mark Towle had attempted to blame Scott for the infringing items DC Comics found objectionable on Scott Lee was told that Mark Towle and Kory Geick attempted to make Scott a scape goat in this case. Scott Lee was not charged in any wrong doing by DC Comics. Scott Lee was simply building a Web Presence and Mark Towle had signed a first Contract with Scott stating clearly that Scott would not be held responsible by Mark Towle for any content in any disputes.

Review this recording where Kory Geick states Mark Towle has final say, yet Scott was told in the DC lawsuit Mark Towle claimed he had no knowledge of what was being put on the web for him and that Scott was just doing what he wanted. Scott at the time of this recording was refusing to talk to Kory and responded only through emails. The date of this recording is December 22nd 2011. This recording was captured four months past the deadline of the contract. Kory was still not giving his content, Mark was still not mounting the car and they were still demanding other work from Scott Lee to publish not required under contract. Scott Lee was attempting to get them to put everything in writing. Kory Geick tells Scott it's extra work but he just has to do it. Kory Geick and Mark Towle were of the opinion that Scott Lee had to do everything they asked as fast as he could, drop everything else in his life and not ask for any payment for loads of extra work.
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It's also very clear that Mark Towle was instructing Kory Geick as well as micromanaging the work Scott was doing but within both Kory Geick's and Mark Towle's perjurious declarations they both swore under oath that Mark Towle either did not actively participate in the work nor did he instruct Kory Geick. This Mark Towle evidently also told the Courts in the DC Comics lawsuit. You can view Mark Towle and Kory Geick's perjurious declarations below.

Mark Towle's perjurious Declaration filed in West Virginia can be viewed here!
First Page Second Page

After Scott Lee provide emails and proof to the West Virginia Court they changed their sworn statements to Mark Towle contributed minimally and only because he had to. At trial Mark Towle claimed he meant only the first Contracted site and not the second, but Mark Towle contributed to both in fact he was so involved he was driving Scott nust with wanting to see text the color of a coke can even after Scott had scanned the color right off of a coke can. Nothing was ever right nothing was ever good enough, because all they wanted was free work and to keep what they had locked Scott out of live and working for them on the Internet. .

Kory Geick's perjurious Declaration filed in West Virginia can be viewed here!
First Page Second Page

By this time, Scott had managed to get a second signed contract from Mark Towle proving his approval of the entire first contract Web presence, but that evidently didn't stop Mark Towle from trying to throw Scott Lee under the bus after taking thousands of his dollars, utilizing his work for nearly 5 years and refusing to pay him a dime. To make matters worse, neither Mark Towle nor Kory Geick told Scott about the Lawsuit. They continued to have him uploading and designing offending content. Scott found out about the Lawsuit on the Web later through news articles and message boards. Mark Towle didn't even bother to notify Scott as soon as he was served, which is something Scott found very abrasive and betraying.

Below is the Appeal Mark Towle made to the 9th Circuit Court. Mark Towle was denied his appeal and then appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court where upon the United States Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

Published on Feb 6, 2015

Mark Towle is singled out and targeted by DC Comics for making Batmobile replicas. Here, Mark Towle appeals the district court's summary judgment and permanent injunction on claims of copyright and trademark infringement.

Below is a PDF you can download of the DC Comics complaint against Towle.

[PDF] DC Comics v. Towle - U.S. Courts

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Scott will relate his experience and how he was drawn into this conflict when he has more time to do so.

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The Batmobile is a Character

Published on Oct 4, 2015 We are not affiliated with Mark Towle nor DC Comics in any way. This is a Parody and should not be taken seriously. All images were taken from public sources, and the Music is our own creation using public Sources. This is a Parody Concerning the Ass Whooping Mark Towle received from DC Comics. We feel it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! More Parodies will be produced in the next many years about Mark Towle and his accomplice, Kory Geick.

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