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This is the story of a Single Dad that was swept up in a scam to take advantage of him, tie him into two Contracts that damaged his life, took years of his work without payment and thousands of his dollars in a deal that should have paid him a 1966 Batmobile Replica that he could have completed in a few Years. Instead, he was totally ripped off.

This site will be updated as time goes on. Links will be activated as Content and pages are added, the full story of how Scott Lee defeated Mark Towle and Kory Geick will be told.

Scott Lee is to date the only victim of Mark Towle's that has forced Towle through a Trial and defeated him.

This is why Scott Lee can disclose the questionable business practices of Kory Geick and Mark Towle without fear nor reservation.

For over a year while working with these Clowns of Con. Scott Lee collected recordings, emails, documents, affidavits, court records, court documents and other things so that he could not only defeat Mark Towle in the Courts, but to more importantly, publish for the General Good and protection of the Public how Mark Towle and Kory Geick have operated in the past that has harmed so many good people.

"All that is needed for Evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing."

Scott Lee is doing something about Mark Towle and Kory Geick.

Scott Lee is out to protect all of you against these Clowns of the Con!

Every Week Scott Lee will devote some time to telling his story and revealing the truth to the general public.

Scott Lee offers his assistance and testimony to anyone that is now or has been ripped off by Mark Towle and Kory Geick.

Mark Towle and Kory Geick were both forewarned many years ago that this site would definitely be built if Scott Lee was not paid with his 1966 Batmobile Replica which he more than fairly earned and paid for.

After being threatened so many times to be sued, Scott Lee was up front and honest with Mark Towle and Kory Geick what the consequences would be if they cheated Scott.

Kory Geick's responses were to laugh and tell Scott that he would quit any legal actions very shortly if started because he wouldn't be able to stand up to a much wealthier Mark Towle and that Mark Towle would take everything he owned.





























































































































































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The Bait and Switch


the action (generally illegal) of advertising goods that are an apparent bargain, with the intention of substituting inferior or more expensive goods.
"a bait-and-switch scheme"

Bait and Swicth

Why if you aren't rich you should stay away...

Since Scott has been involved with Mark Towle and Kory Geick there have been several customers of Mark Towle's that have not been given what they were promised after they spent thousands of dollars with Mark Towle. Scott himself is one of them. If you can afford to make payments but can't afford to go to trial and are not wealthy, you should be aware of the bait and switch scheme. Even if you are wealthy, you should still be made aware of the bait and switch scam.

How the Bait and Switch was used on Scott Lee

Mark Towle and Kory Geick work as a team. Scott Lee was their web designer for many years and Kory Geick gave away what happened when people that have fallen for their discount invitation to get a replica but simply are not wealthy. They suck a person in by saying that they care and want to help someone achieve a dream but that is hardly the reality.

When this is the case and the client is many states far away, there appears to be a continuing pattern. The client is offered a too good to be true deal. The client puts down a large deposit, say 8 to 15 thousand dollars. They agree to make a series of payments as the work progresses and are promised build pics as the work progresses. What they quickly find out is that the progress lags or they are sent few pics and stalled up to 5 to 7 times the promised time period for Mark Towle to complete his work and slowly over the course of a few years, sometimes two they lead the person with a dream into a total loss of their money and into a shattering betrayal of trust.

This ended up being the reality in Scott's case, he was baited into a deal where his money and his abilities were traded and bartered to obtain a half built replica. Scott Lee was baited to make an agreement that seemed fair, but when he had done what he had agreed to do, suddenly it was not enough. Nothing was ever enough and Scott's deal was switched after he was baited into giving thousands of dollars to Mark Towle and years of work housed on Mark Towle's server with the persuasion of Kory Gerick assuring him with false friendship that everything was going to be OK. Kory plays Mark Towle up as a Car Builder Rock Star and therefore hard to contact. Mark Towle is anything but a Rock Star car builder.

They act like you are lucky guy to get to be a friend of a very distant and hard to get in touch with Mark Towle. Kory Geick sets the bait and Mark Towle switches the deal. Scott Lee contracted to have his kit within a few months and agreed to maintain the first web site for a year. Mark Towle and Kory stretched that first year out to 3 and loaded additional work on Scott that they later denied he had earned extra parts and payment for. Oh but wait, it gets worse. It gets far worse.

In Scott's case, he was baited to make a deal and then trapped into giving more and more work with no way out because he became too far invested in the project and there was a clause in his contract that he and Mark Towle agreed would be work done to date exchanged if either party quit the contract. Scott was baited into making this agreement based on the verbal agreement tht they would each receive the work done to date, but in the contract the verbiage was stated as compensation. Mark Towle switched the verbal agreement and once Scott was in for $8,000 dollars and years of Web Design, Mark Towle told him that if he quit he would have to pay him his shop rate of $500 per hour and if he paid that he would get the work Mark Towle had done to date. This was not what Scott had ever agreed to but the interpretation of the Court and the Judge would likely have been compensation meant money because it became a she said he said at that point.

Scott Lee was suddenly faced with going to an attorney and being told a $30,000 retainer was required for Scott to get his money back or his work removed from Towle's Web Site after Mark Towle had breached every part of their agreement. Mark Towle had been demanding increasing work from Scott Lee for years and taking away a great deal of his billable time placing he and his family in financial distress. Basically, Kory Geick baited Scott Lee into an agreement and then Mark Towle and Kory Geick tried to come up with any excuse possible to deny him his car. This is what Scott was dealing with for 5 years and they never allowed him to have his replica. It seemed to Scott to be a let's see how much we can coerce out of this guy and give him nothing in return, it turned it was a lot!

Scott Lee was told how they operate in our universe one night when Kory Geick was drunk as a skunk and probably doesn't even recall telling him, but for this example we will cite a hypothetical example of how "they operate, wink wink...nudge nudge" in an Alternate dimension with an Alternate Mark Towle and an Alternate Kory Geick. We will call these people (Alt Mark Towle) and (Alt Kory Geick).

How the Bait and Switch works "hypothetically"

Alternate Universe

Let's call this next example hypothetical. We are calling this next example hypothetical for (Let's not open ourselves up for litigation from Mark Towle Story Time).
Let's preface this to say that in this imaginary world Alt Mark Towle is a huge Narcissistic Asshole and Alt Kory Geick is a habitual liar. In other words these two are simply horrible people in this other Universe.

In this Alternate Universe which of course is fictional, ("wink wink...nudge nudge"), Alt Mark Towle and Alt Kory Geick work as a team to find someone that is a huge fan of the early TV series and would love to have a replica of their childhood dream car. Neither of these people have a shred of conscience nor care how much they harm someone. They've been teamed up for well over a decade and have pocketed lots of money from the suffering of others.

Alt Kory's job is to find his target. The ideal target is not wealthy has $15,000 to get started and would be willing to make payments or has access to a loan to get the rest of the money to buy his dream replica at bargain prices. Even better if the target lives on the other Coast or many states away.

Let's call our Alternate universe target "Fred". Fred is a great guy he is in his 50s. Fred's the kind of guy that you can go to the bar and watch a favorite football team and he'll match you beer for beer and likely pick up the tab. He volunteers at the local hospital and is just one of the plain Jane good guys that never seem to get noticed. He likes to play on Facebook and frequents forums on his childhood TV Shows. Nothing special about Fred except that he is about to be Targeted by Alt Kory Geick.

Fred's Mother just passed away so he has an inheritance and can afford a down payment for his dream car of $15,000 so he starts searching for a Munsters Koach replica to purchase for himself. He's a homeowner so he has access to a loan that he can get against his house. Fred has never married. His house is filled with Munster Collectibles and he has a Brown Lab named Tex. He drives a 1984 Chevy F250. He works as an Electrician. Fred is honest and has never really needed to be cautious with people because most people are fair according to his life experiences.

Fred is a Member of the Munster's Fan Forum and he posts he wants a Munster's Koach. Alt Kory contacts him after seeing his posts. Fred lives in Alternate Universe Lisbon Maine so he is very far from Alt Mark Towle's shop. An ideal candidate for Alt Kory Geick and Alt Mark Towle's Bait and Switch scheme.

Alt Kory Geick contacts Fred and offers a low ball priced deal to Fred because Alt Kory and Alt Mark are caring people and they want to help the little guy achieve his Dream. All Fred has to do is wire transfer to Alt Mark Towle his $15,000 and Kory tells him Alt Mark Towle is the best Munster's Koach replica builder out in the Alternate universe and he'll start building it right away. Kory gets Alt Mark Towle on a three way call and they all agree on a Price of $30,000 for a completed Munster's Koach. Again this price is low because Alt Kory and Mark Towle have big hearts and want to help Fred, so he is told over and over again.

The contract details that Fred will also be required to send Alt Mark Towle a Grandpa Munster Lewis Jacket as well to complete the contract. Fred's sister is a Cos-player and she sews and makes costumes. For that, Fred is given that deal and he is a special friend to Alt Mark and Alt Kory so he is told. Alt Kory sends Fred a contract to make Fred feel safe in making the deal but Fred really wants his replica and Alt Kory Geick is so friendly that he doesn't take it the contract to an attorney. He signs and notarizes the contract and sends it off to Alt Mark Towle. Fred runs off smiling and wires the $15,000 to Alt Mark Towle. Fred is very happy now, but not for long.

The contract details that Fred will also be required to send Alt Mark Towle a Grandpa Lewis Munster Jacket as well to complete the contract.

Fred's sister is a Cos player and she sews and makes costumes. For that, Fred is given an even better deal and he is told he is now special friend to Alt Mark and Alt Kory Geick. Friends can be trusted. Alt Kory Geick likes to talk about God and religion so certainly he can be trusted.

Fred tells everyone he is getting a Munster's Koach replica after he wires Alt Mark Towle $15,000 and he'll have it in a year. For the first 6 months he is happy and Alt Kory Geick calls him more than he should and Alt Kory Geick begins a nice little friendship with Fred. Fred asks for build pics of his Munster's Koach and Alt Kory tells him that Alt Mark Towle is very backed up and that he will get him build pics shortly. Alt Kory Geick explains that Fred has a special deal and Alt Mark Towle has to build other clients cars to keep his doors open, because these more wealthy people are paying full price so Fred simply has to wait because after all he is getting a great deal. Alt Mark simply can't spare any time right now, because he needs the money from the more expensive sales to keep his business going but no worries Alt Mark will be working on Fred's Koch very soon.

After 8 months Fred starts to worry again and asks Alt Kory again for build pics of his replica and Alt Kory tells him they are on their way. Fred asks to speak to Mark Towle and Alt Kory tells him that he handles all of Alt Mark Towle's business and that Alt Mark Towle gives Alt Kory all the discretion and decision making power so he has to deal just with Alt Kory Geick. Fred wants to know why it's been a year and that he's supposed to be getting his replica by now, that he had sent the Grand Pa Lewis Jacket 10 months ago and he wants to see his replica. Alt Kory responds that the build pics are on their way no worries.

Mouse Bait

Alt Kory Geick stalled Fred for 14 months and Fred is getting very concerned and upset now and demands to see his Munster Koach build pics. Alt Kory Geick tries to stall him again but Fred is fed up and tells Alt Kory Geick that if he doesn't see any progress soon he is going to go talk to an attorney. Alt Kory Geick tells Fred you had better not go to an attorney because if Alt Mark Towle finds out you did, he won't give you your car. Alt Mark Towle doesn't give anyone a car that pumps his chest up against him. Alt Mark Towle would SUE you and you can't afford to fight him in court.

Alt Kory Geick responds, a week later and sends by email some pics for Fred. The pics are of a Munster's Koach that is framed out on a chassis but little else is done. Fred is again upset and calls Alt Kory Geick and demands to speak to Alt Mark Towle. Fred was supposed to have his replica home and done months ago. Alt Kory Geick again reminds Fred that he does all of Alt mark Towle's business for him and Alt Mark Towle is far too busy to talk to Fred, but that Alt Mark Towle will call him. Weeks later after Ferd persists, Alt Kory calls Fred and also has Alt Mark Towle on the line and they talk about the Munsters Koach.

The discussion at this point is all about assuring Fred that his build is late but progressing well and that Alt Mark Towle can finally spend more time on his build. Alt Mark Towle explains that he has to work on other people's replicas in order to keep his doors open and pay his bills. Fred asks if he can see more done on the Munster Koach in pics and Alt Mark assures him he will send him some more pics right away. Another month goes by and Fred is now 18 months into the deal, not getting pics and he starts to get angry and demands to see progress. Alt Kory assures him and calms him and sends Fred a few more pics. Fred's pics are of a Munster's Koach that is still not even half built and he asks why. Alt Kory assures him all is well and it's just taking a little bit longer than expected. Alt Kory steps up his calling Fred to assure him everything is OK and spends most of his time talking about other things except the Koach and continues to be just a caring friend sharing phone time. By this time Fred's girlfriend is telling Fred he's getting ripped off and it's causing a rift in their relationship.

baitandswitchAnother 2 months go by and Fred is talking with anyone he can at this point to try and find out what he can do about this. Fred's girlfriend has finally gotten through to Fred and waking him up to the reality that he's getting nothing from these guys except excuses and stalls. One of Fred's friends tells Fred that the statute of limitations for his state is 2 years to take action against Alt Mark Towle to try and get his money back. Fred tells his friend that the Koach is barely half done and Alt Mark Towle has not finished the replica in over 20 months. Fred's friend tells him he had better go talk to an Attorney.

Fred calls Kory and tells him he is going to talk to an attorney about the fact that he was supposed to of had his replica 10 months ago and that he's not sending any more money until he sees some real progress on the project. Fred over the course of the past year had sent Alt Mark Towle another $6,000 toward the project against his girlfriend's wishes. Fred was now nearing 2 years and had paid Alt Mark Towle $21,000 and still does not even have a picture of his replica nearing completion. Fred's girlfriend is very upset with Fred because she thinks other things could have been better served with that money especially since Fred was not getting progress pics nor any real proof his Munster's Koch was even being built.

Alt Kory Geick tells Fred again you had better not go to an attorney because if Alt Mark Towle finds out he won't give you your car. Alt Mark Towle doesn't give anyone a car that pumps his chest up against him. Alt Mark Towle WILL SUE you and you can't afford to fight him. Alt Kory Geick assured Fred that all will be good and Alt Mark Towle is working on his replica, to just be patient. Alt Kory stalls and manages to get Fred to wait until the 23rd month. Now Fred is panicking and gets an appointment with an attorney and hands his attorney the contract he signed with Alt Mark Towle.

upset guy

Fred's attorney frowns after a quick read and asks Fred why did you sign this contract? Fred answers it seemed fine and I was excited and they seemed so nice. Fred's attorney shakes his head and says look at this here, this is an escape clause.

Fred asks what is an escape clause? Fred's attorney replies well it's a clause that absolves this guy Alt Mark Towle from being responsible for anything that happens. He also has to explain to Fred that there is a nondisclosure clause in there as well and what that means.

Fred's attorney frowns after a quick read and tells Fred why did you sign this contract? Fred answers it seemed fine and I was excited and they seemed so nice. Fred's attorney shakes his head and says look at this here, this is an escape clause. Fred asks what is an escape clause? Fred's attorney replies well it's a clause that absolves this guy Mark Towle from being responsible for anything that happens. Fred goes what? Fred looks at it and answers, Oh... No, that was explained to me to apply only to the fact that Alt Mark Towle is not responsible for any car or motor driving accidents because the replica is not a manufactured car.

That's how it was explained to me so I am good. Fred's lawyer shakes his head again and replies, well it is included in that clause but it's a stand alone sentence and statement in your contract so it applies to anything that could happen, even him not delivering you anything. Fred falls back in shock, his face turns red, he's embarrassed, he can feel the blood filling his cheeks and sprinting from his brain all he can see is his girlfriend's angry green eyes glaring at him beside him.

Fred looks up and asks what can I do? Fred's attorney looks dismayed and tells Fred well you can pay him the rest of the money and then we can get your car because you paid all that you owed. He won't have any real reason to keep the car from you, but that is risky because if he refuses you the car we'll have to litigate and that can be very costly and this escape clause could be defeated by claiming fraud.

Fred asks how costly would it be? Fred's attorney looks him in the eye without a blink and says, well, I'll need a retainer of at least $30,000 just to get started on the case and then we'll go from there, but you are probably going to need a California Attorney because jurisdiction for this dispute would likely be in California. Fred asks well what do they cost? Fred's attorney answers I think they cost about a third more than we charge so it's likely going to be $350. an hour and you'll have to travel to California for the trial. By this time Fred is trying hard not to totally lose his composure as his girlfriends hand that was resting on his leg grips the top of his thigh and her nails start to bite.

Fred can't afford a law suit and he certainly can't afford to lose a Lawsuit where Alt Mark Towle could get a judgment that could take his house or worse. Fred decided the best thing to do is send Alt Mark the final $9,000 and hope for the best. At least this way they won't be able to claim he breached any agreements.

Fred calls Alt Kory and Alt Kory is all happy and best friends with Fred again, Alt Kory assures Fred that he will be getting build pics of his Munster's Koach soon and that it's OK for Fred to send the final $9,000. Alt Kory starts talking scripture again and making Fred feel at ease because surely anyone that would quote scripture wouldn't rip him off... right? Fred decides he has no other choice and if the worst happens at least he will be able to sue and get his money back without them being able to say he broke any agreements and he should be safe from Mark Alt Towle suing him. Fred is also worried about the nondisclosure clause because even though it's not valid if he isn't given his replica, Alt Mark Towle could still sue him if he tried to warn other people.

Fred wires Alt Mark Towle the final $9,000 and calls Alt Kory Geick to make sure the transfer went through. Alt Kory says yep it's all good, Alt Mark is finishing up your Koach, no worries. Fred is relieved but still apprehensive. He has kept all of his agreements and surely he will get his replica shortly, because there is no reason for him not to.

Munster's Koach

Fred now only has one week before the 2 years are up for him to take legal action. He calls Kory and tells him I want my replica now. Alt Kory Geick tells him it will be ready in about three weeks. Fred says 3 weeks? Kory says yep. Here are some more pics he's almost done. Fred receives more pics that show a nearly completed Munster's Koach. Fred accepts the explanation and really has no choice but to just let the 2 year deadline pass and hope Alt Mark Towle, will come through for him. Fred's girlfriend shakes her head calls him a fool and leaves the room.

Three weeks later Fred is calling Alt Kory Geick and Alt Kory Geick is very difficult to reach. Alt Kory simply is not responding and Fred never has had Alt Mark's phone number because Alt Kory Geick runs Alt Mark Towle's business. Fred makes an emergency appointment with his attorney. His attorney advises him that his statute of limits have expired but maybe they haven't in California and that Fred should contact an attorney near the Court in Alt Mark's location. Fred does so and is told the statute is four years in California. Fred asks his California attorney to reach out to Alt Mark Towle or get Alt Kory on the phone. Shortly 2 days later Alt Kory Geick phones Fred.

Granpa LewisAlt Kory is very angry with Fred, he tells him how Alt Mark Towle got a call from an attorney and that Fred is NOT going to get his replica now. Fred argues that he paid the money he did everything he was supposed to do. Alt Kory gets loud and abusive and starts cursing at Fred. Fred is shocked. Fred is thinking to himself, who is this guy? Alt Kory then screams at Fred that he breached the contract. Fred denies that he did. Alt Kory goes on screaming obscenities at Fred over the phone then screams that the Jacket didn't fit! You didn't do what you were supposed to do so you aren't getting your Koach! Fred says I asked you for a size and you never would answer so I sent him an extra large. Alt Kory screams back It didn't fit!!! and hangs up on Fred.

Fred the next day called the California Attorney he had spoken to before and asked him how much it would cost to get his money back. The attorney replied well I would need a $40,000. retainer to take a case like this and then we can go from there. Fred inquired, if we have to take this to trial what would it cost and could I get my attorney fees paid for when we win? The California attorney answered, well... about $100 grand to get it all the way through trial and in California it's rare to get attorney fees awarded unless it's stated in the contract and in Fred's contract it wasn't stated.

The attorney then asked Fred why did you sign this contract? Fred answered because they seemed so nice, it seemed like a great deal. The California attorney said we can go fight this case, but this escape clause is a problem and we might not win. You also have agreed to a nondisclosure clause. You can't even talk about this outside of your attorney unless he rips you off and even then he could sue you frivolously. Keep in mind that if this guy files a counter action against you, we'd have two cases going and that would cost you even more and if we lost you'd be pretty well screwed. Fred thanked the attorney hung up the phone devastated and defeated.

Law BooksShortly thereafter Fred received a letter from Alt Mark Towle's attorney full of fraudulent accusations against him, threatening a lawsuit against him. The letter demanded that Fred pay Alt Mark Towle another $40,000 if he wanted his Munster's Koach. The letter claimed that Fred had breached the agreement in multiple ways which were completely fabricated and false. Fred emails Alt Mark Towle's attorney telling him there is no way he can come up with that kind of money and gets no response. He calls Alt Kory continually and gets no response. Fred calls Alt Mark Towle's attorney and gets no responses. Fred had lost $30,000 and his lifelong dream of owning his own Munster's Koach. He couldn't afford to fight Alt Mark Towle in court. He couldn't risk losing the case and having to file bankruptcy not at the age of 54.

Fred in the later weeks is emailed by different people on the Munster forum where he is told Alt Kory Geick is telling people he didn't get his Koach because he didn't live up to his end of the contract, that he didn't do what he was supposed to do. Fred is hurt because Alt Kory Geick all along was working hard to prove he was a good hearted Christian and close friend but now he won't even return a call. Fred had been totally betrayed and played. Fred ends up losing all that he gave, not even the Grandpa Lewis jacket his sister made is returned to him. He thinks to himself I guess it did fit after all.

In early November Alt Mark Towle posts a photo from a Halloween party that is shared on Facebook where Alt Mark Towle is dressed as Grandpa Lewis and he's wearing the jacket Fred's sister made which seems to fit perfectly. Behind him in the pix is a finished Munster's Koach. Fred is totally disgusted. Fred decides he has to stay silent about what has been done to him because his contract had a non disclosure clause and he can't afford to be sued. His savings are gone, his bank accounts are near empty, his mortgage is overdue as well as the second mortgage he took out for the replica. The stress of all this has sent Fred into a deepening depression. He's lost a lot of time at work, his girlfriend dumped him after calling him gullible and stupid. His family members are angry with him for various reasons related to his losses and depression.

Six months later Fred saw on the Internet where his Munsters Koach Replica was taken to an auction and sold for $90,000 to a wealthy radio personality. Fred was shattered, emotionally battered and financially damaged. Fred lost his trust and belief in most people. Fred carried trust issues for the rest of his life and never quite recovered his love for the Munsters shows he had adored growing up as a child. His only condolence is that his Mother didn't live long enough to see his suffering.

Depressed Man

and now "you know the rest of the Alternate Universe Story... Good Day?"