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This is the story of a Single Dad that was swept up in a scam to take advantage of him, tie him into two Contracts that damaged his life, took years of his work without payment and thousands of his dollars in a deal that should have paid him a 1966 Batmobile Replica that he could have completed in a few Years. Instead, he was totally ripped off.

This site will be updated as time goes on. Links will be activated as Content and pages are added, the full story of how Scott Lee defeated Mark Towle and Kory Geick will be told.

Scott Lee is to date the only victim of Mark Towle's that has forced Towle through a Trial and defeated him.

This is why Scott Lee can disclose the questionable business practices of Kory Geick and Mark Towle without fear nor reservation.

For over a year while working with these Clowns of Con. Scott Lee collected recordings, emails, documents, affidavits, court records, court documents and other things so that he could not only defeat Mark Towle in the Courts, but to more importantly, publish for the General Good and protection of the Public how Mark Towle and Kory Geick have operated in the past that has harmed so many good people.

"All that is needed for Evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing."

Scott Lee is doing something about Mark Towle and Kory Geick.

Scott Lee is out to protect all of you against these Clowns of the Con!

Every Week Scott Lee will devote some time to telling his story and revealing the truth to the general public.

Scott Lee offers his assistance and testimony to anyone that is now or has been ripped off by Mark Towle and Kory Geick.

Mark Towle and Kory Geick were both forewarned many years ago that this site would definitely be built if Scott Lee was not paid with his 1966 Batmobile Replica which he more than fairly earned and paid for.

After being threatened so many times to be sued, Scott Lee was up front and honest with Mark Towle and Kory Geick what the consequences would be if they cheated Scott.

Kory Geick's responses were to laugh and tell Scott that he would quit any legal actions very shortly if started because he wouldn't be able to stand up to a much wealthier Mark Towle and that Mark Towle would take everything he owned.































































































































































































































































































































































































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This is the story of a Single Dad that was swept up in a scam to take advantage of him, tie him into two Contracts that damaged his life, took years of his work without payment and thousands of his dollars in a deal that should have paid him a 1966 Batmobile Replica that he could have completed in a few Years. Instead, he was totally ripped off.

John Scott Lee was not only scammed out of years of his work and thousands of dollars by Mark Towle and Kory Geick of Gotham Garage, but he was forced to defend himself from false legal accusations and left to Battle Mark Towle in Multiple Lawsuits without being able to afford an attorney and do so across the United States, a distance of Nearly 3,000 miles between the East and West Coasts. Scott Lee stood his ground against six very high priced Attorneys hired by Mark Towle over the course of six years in his attempt to take Scott's $8,000 his work and his replica.

In the end the underdog, a man without a single day of Law school under his belt proved that there is still justice in the U.S.A. and that some thieves can be battled and forced to pay for their evil ways.

Mark Towle currently owes Scott Lee a court ordered judgment confirmed by two Superior Court judges an amount of money approaching $45,000 and has still not offered to pay Scott Lee a penny of this judgement against him.

  Click Here to view The Order of Enforcement!  

Mark Towle also owes or has paid his attorneys an undisclosed amount of money for 6 years of litigation as well as the State of California an undisclosed amount of money for Court Costs and costs for his trial. Rather than pay Scott Lee for his good work which he fairly earned, Mark Towle chose instead to forfeit years and money on litigation and likely a small fortune in throwing good money after bad just to rip Scott Lee off. This web site chronicles the true story of Scott Lee's battle against Mark Towle's nonsensical and illogical mission to rip Scott Lee off and grievously harm him for no substantial reason at all but for heinous reasons known only to Mark Towle.

A Batcave of Con Men and Thieves...

Bad GuysJohn Scott Lee a single Father living in West Virginia became the target of Kory Geick and Mark Towle from Gotham Garage in 2007 when Kory Geick, noticed him looking for a Batmobile Kit on a Batmobile Replica site. What transpired from there was a defrauding of massive proportions upon Mr. Lee, with threats being made upon him if he refused to stop providing web support to Mark Towle and Kory Geick's web address, Gotham Garage. A one year Contract that detailed and required Mr. Lee to build a Flash site for Mark Towle and to provide one year of technical support for gothamgarage.net was stretched out to a 5 year expansive load of work placed upon Mr. Lee that left him unpaid, his work stolen, his money stolen and being told there was nothing he could do about it but to keep working for nothing. Mark Towle and Kory Geick caused an incredible strain on Scott Lee's finances and billable time for nearly a decade forcing him to above and beyond contract to populate Gotham Garage into the biggest most advanced Batmobile Replica builder's web site on the Internet. Not only did he lose massive amounts of time doing designs and redesigning but he was forced to endure a no choice crash course self taught Internet searched course in Legal Litigation and how to proceed against and prosecute Lawsuits.

Before Scott Lee was forced into litigation, the violations of his civil rights and contract with Mark Towle was tremendous and heinous. Mark Towle and Kory Geick denied the content to complete the first contract with Mr. Lee for Gotham Garage and at the same time forced him with threats of Lawsuit from California to expand the Web Work to incorporate additional flash ads-ons, a redesigned Gotham Garage forum, many additional promotional pages, spot adds, cartoons and many videos uploaded to YouTube. Scott Lee was forced into a second contract in trepidation of being sued for no good cause by a California Con Man and his accomplice Kory Geick based out of South Dakota.

The Messages

The following are some actual messages that were left on Scott Lee's answering machine, some were heard by his young 8 year old daughter playing in his studio.

BatphoneHere is Mark Towle's message after Scott had told Mark Towle and Kory Geick that the back and forth waste of his time with contradicting instructions and revisions was just too much. Scott had come to the determination that as in the first contract regardless of the safeguards he had written into the second contract, Mark Towle and Kory Geick were intentionally causing him more pain on purpose and they had no intention on ever releasing any payment to him nor adding more to Gotham Garage. Both Men had indicated clearly to Scott Lee that he had no chance of winning any lawsuit against Mark Towle. Regardless, Scott Lee demanded all instructions in writing and not over the phone which they did not like. Mark Towle and Kory Geick wanted as much as possible kept out of writing and done over the phone for obvious reasons. Mark Towle continued to attempt to force instruction on the phone instead of putting things in writing like Scott had demanded so Scott could keep track of the total stall tactics and total continued waste of his time he had been forced to endure. Scott had been bounced back and forth between Mark Towle and Kory Geick for 17 months in never ending revisions in a project that was contracted to be done in 4 months. Listen to the recording below. Listen to this!

Even though Scott had gotten an agreement with Mark Towle that he would email instructions and Kory was now off the project for not doing as he was assigned, Mark Towle continued to ring Scott's phone attempting to keep everything out of writing and calling Scott sometimes multiple times in an hour while assuming Scott was simply ignoring him rather than conclude that Scott simply wasn't home for any length of a day. At the time of this recording Mark Towle was 5 months past deadline of completing his work toward the contract as well as providing his text for the 2nd Web Site. At this time, neither Mark Towle nor Kory Geick had given Scott their content for the site, Gotham Garage. Listen to this!

Mark Towle continued to push to do everything by phone and keep the stall tactics out of writing where Scott could prove that he was being bounced back and forth with conflicting instructions and forced to do redesign after redesign. Mark Towle also makes an inferring threat in this messages. Listen to this!

This next message was when Mark Towle had locked Scott out of his servers and was threatening Scott with Lawsuits. This is how Scott was treated after 4 years of work presented to Mark Towle up front for Scott's replica and paying Mark Towle $8,000. This is how this clown repaid Scott and this was not an isolated instance. Scott has many recordings. By this time Scott knew he was being played and ripped off so he started recording everything which is a perfectly legal act within the state of West Virginia. Mark Towle has still not paid Scott a thing nor returned to him any of his money. Mark Towle claims the kit is Scott's property in this recording yet he still doesn't have it in his hands five years later during the time this recording was captured on Scott's message machine.

Scott was constantly harassed and threatened to enlarge the Web Site, Gotham Garage against contract stipulations by both Kory Geick and Mark Towle. Mark Towle as well as Kory Geick were always reminding Scott Lee that he could not tell anyone what was happening to him because of a nondisclosure clause that actually did not exist. The only thing in any contract stated that Scott Lee agreed not to discuss the Web Site, Gotham Garage with anyone. Scott Lee learned later when consulting with an attorney that no such clause has any validity when the other party is breaching every part of the of the contract and has failed to honor that contract which Mark Towle had already done in every clause he had agreed to.

Batman Trap"They had me trapped in a paradox. They said I could not have my kit because the first Web Site was not done and at the same time refused to give me the content to complete the first Web Site for the Gotham Garage contract so I could pick up my kit. While this Customer's Review section remained uncompleted only missing their customer's recommendations, they kept assigning me additional work and increasing the scope and size of the project. This section of the first contracted site called 'Customer Kudos' was fully built and missing their text from the day I built it back in 2007 till the day Mark Towle quit the project in September of 2011. Ironically, they could only find one former customer to give them a recommendation. One other of their previous clients agreed to be featured but only under the condition that his last name not be used and that only happened because of his friendship with me."

Mark Towle then goes on and demands backup discs in the recording below for the first Web Site That was published on Gotham Garage. This was after Towle had locked Scott out of his gothamgarage.net servers and blocked Scott from removing his work for non-payment. Mark Towle at this time continually threatened Scott and harassed Scott for Backup discs of the first Web Site created under the first contract.

Joker"Nothing in the first contract called for Mark Towle to receive any backup discs and I had gotten nothing out of this clown after 4 years, so what does he do? He locks me out of my work, threatens to sue me and demands back up discs that he was never promised in any way.... What a GUY! The only way I could remove my unpaid for work was to sue him and at that time I had no idea how to even go about it because I had never been in a Lawsuit before."

Mark Towle was never given those Discs of the first Web Site on gothamgarage.net and Scott claims "HE NEVER WILL BE GIVEN THOSE DISCS!"

At the time this message below was left, the date was Feb 3, 2011. Mark Towle still had not given Scott his content to build the second site. He had not mounted Scott's kit to his chassis. The deadline for the 2nd Contract to be completed was on August 14th, of 2010. This message was left by Mark Towle when he was 7 months late in completing his work on Scott's replica and still had not provided all of his content to Scott so he could finish his own work on gothamgarage.net. Mark Towle was threatening to sue Scott when he was 7 months late in delivering his work and had banned Scott from finishing the web site by refusing his content and text for that 2nd contracted site. Take a good listen to this!

Mark Towle DEMANDED backups when he had paid Scott nothing, given Scott virtually NOTHING except a shoddy Beacon that was literally junk toward his contracts with Scott. Kory Geick and Mark Towle at all times denied Scott the ability to obtain his Batmobile Kit. Even when Scott had $3,000 and was asking to be allowed to pick up his Batmobile Kit and was asking to come get his kit. After 3 years of doing more than they ever deserved and more than he ever agreed to, he was told that a section of the first Web Site was not done and they continued refuse to give Scott the content to complete it as well as refused to allow him to collect his kit.

Steamed Designer OverworkedThis was after Scott had designed over 65 additional Flash and/or HTML pages for Gotham Garage that were not required by the first contract. By the time Scott finally finished the web site for the 2nd contracted site, Mark Towle had coerced 54 pages on a contract that required and demanded only 13 pages. The site had over 200 Gotham Girls in it and all other aspects of the site for Gotham Garage had been expanded as well. Scott Lee had agreed by contract to redesign the dial up site for Gotham Garage with 13 more advanced HTML pages. Simple right? NO it wasn't simple at all. They wanted More and More!

Mark Towle and Kory coerced the 2nd site to be a highly more advanced HTML Web Site that required intense JAVA conflicting coding that entailed more than 4 times the amount of pages, a ridiculous amount of functionality and they made Scott alter the layout several times, they changed the contract demanded pre-approved layout, the theme and compacted all information to be resident on a single screen with no page scrolling. Each page ended up containing nearly 1000 lines of complex code to make it all work the way Towle demanded. After 17 months and Scott demanding the site was done, Mark Towle refused it, said it wasn't good enough and quit the Gotham Garage project.

The reality was that Mark Towle no longer wanted nor could use the site because by this time he expected not to win the DC Comics lawsuit, was likely expecting an injunction imposed by a Federal Court and simply decided it was better to rip off Scott Lee than to pay him because Scott Lee would never be able to sustain a lengthy lawsuit anyway. Mark Towle figured he would spend a few thousand dollars till Scott Lee settled the case and then run off with his money, his replica, and his work he had trapped from Scott removing from Gotham Garage.

I QuitMark Towle had demanded a clause in the contract that stated that if either party quit the project that the other party would be entitled to the work done to that point. Mark Towle agreed verbally that if Scott quit the project Scott would have to give the Web Site as it was and conversely if Mark quit the project Scott would get the replica as it was up to that point. Obviously Mark Towle was stalling the build of the replica while attempting to frustrate Scott to the point of quitting the project. Later Mark in his pleadings stated that the clause meant Scott had to not give the work done to date but that Mark was to be paid for his work to date in dollars and not web work at a rate of $500 per hour. Evidently Mark Towle was attempting all along to force Scott Lee to quit the Gotham Garage project but in the end it was Mark Towle that quit the project, not Scott.

Mark Towle once told Scott that if he wanted to speak to him on the phone he expected Scott to pay his phone bill..... WHAT?????

Mark Towle set Kory Geick up to intercept contact between him and his contracted web designer, Scott Lee. He would claim he was busy building cars, not an Internet person, had no time to be answering the phone, "Kory takes care of that" Towle would constantly bark, but Kory wasn't taking care of anything other than stalling Scott from completing anything that would allow him to collect his replica. Kory Geick would get angry and tell Scott not to contact Mark Towle.

Scott enlarged their Gotham Garage presence and Web Sites by their intentional coercion. Scott was told he had to prove his loyalty constantly by posting favorably for Mark Towle on other Web forums and the Gotham Garage forum or he would lose his car, his money and his work, meanwhile Scott was anything but feeling favorable to either of them. Mark Towle even demanded who Scott could speak to and be friends with including other car builders. That also was never in any contract.

I Sue YouIf Scott balked or argued the fact that he wanted his replica, and that he had done far too much already, the topic would quickly be back to Kory Geick again telling Scott he would be sued by Mark Towle from California and he'd better keep his mouth shut. Kory's agenda evidently was not to complete any work for Gotham Garage but to stall as long as possible while increasing the size and complexity of the work being displayed to the World on the Internet, while Mark Towle repaid absolutely nothing to Scott. Gotham Garage became the largest Web Site for any Batmobile replica builder, the most complex and was gaining thousands of views as well as had a first page ranking on Google for the term "Batmobile Replica". Meanwhile Mark Towle rewarded Scott nothing but a crappy beacon cage and continuing denials that the site was complete, more demands for work and more threats of civil suit from Kory Geick as well as demands for Scott's silence. This pattern continued for years.

Mark Towle continued to make $70,000 replica deals with Kory Geick as his salesman from the web site gothamgarage.net. Each time Scott was told "just complete this and you can have your car", Scott would do what they asked and then they would say "it's not finished you can't have your car". Mark Towle has still refused to pay Scott any money for his replica nearly a decade after Scott signed his first Contract with Mark Towle. The site was so large and well done that D.C. Comics took notice of it.

Gotham Garage had recorded an average viewing time of over 2 hours per visitor. Mark Towle became over confident and began to offer items for immediate availability with pricing posted on his Web Site. After the pricing of available goods were evident, shortly thereafter D.C Comics attorneys launched their Lawsuit against Mark Towle.

Scott lee is of the opinion that DC Comics had gotten so many complaints about Mark Towle's lack of business ethics and good people being harmed that they decided he had to be shut down to protect the public and securely safeguard the validity and sanctity of their Batman brand.

Nearly a decade after Mark Towle signed the first Contract with Scott Lee he had still not even completed the work he had promised Scott he would do on the replica. That work was to get the kit mounted to a chassis, get the doors and hood and trunk working and fitted, the doors latching and a few other things. The amount of work Mark Towle stated he had to do should have taken him only 4 weeks at most to do. Mark Towle admitted in his pleadings he had not completed his 4 weeks of labor for Scott after many years. Scott was able to obtain a Court order forcing Mark Towle to present the replica for inspection.

Man on tightrope over sharksScott was constantly being threatened to be sued by Kory Geick, and Mark Towle would back that up by saying things like "I will go see my attorney or we can take this the other way". This was a constant thing with Kory Geick and Mark Towle, bullying Scott to do things in violation of contract and not palatable to Scott but at that time he didn't want a lawsuit, and didn't know the first thing about one. Scott became alienated in the replica world for the demeaning graphics he was being coerced to make as well as being part of a group that was failing to do fair business. No one knew what Scott was being put through, people just thought Scott was gladly romping happily along hurting other people.

Scott was forced to make demeaning graphics of competitors and cartoons to publish for Gotham Garage. Eventually, Scott was so damned fed up and angry he went after Mark Towle in a Court of Law. Scott got to the point of saying screw it, because he had taken more than enough from the Bully, Mark Towle and told himself, "You want to go? LET'S GO!" Scott filed a Lawsuit against Mark Towle doing business as Gotham Garage from West Virginia. Scott was Mad as Hell and He Wasn't Going to Take it Anymore!

This is likely what you can expect dealing with Gotham Garage's Kory Geick and Mark Towle. As you can hear in this message Mark Towle claims he supplied Scott with a Batmobile Kit and claims he owns the first Web Site but then at the same time he and Kory Geick refused all of Scott's attempts to bring his Batmobile kit home. Listen to this!

"Mark Towle tricked me and lied to me. He told me my Kit would be delivered to his shop and I would be allowed to come get it when the Web Site was done. He stretched me out 3 years doing work for him adding all kinds of duties on me and work and refused all along to allow me to collect my Kit as payment. He refused me my Kit over and over while claiming my kit had been delivered to his shop and therefore he claimed he owned the Web Site while I remained with nothing."

Hung OverMark Towle told Scott Lee he couldn't be bothered to get up in the morning to meet a shipper even if Scott arranged one. Scott was told they would find a shipper, months went by and then Scott was told they couldn't find one. There was no way Scott could plan the 2,700 mile trip or even send a shipper to get his Batmobile kit because Mark Towle himself, told Scott he couldn't be bothered with it. It was garbage excuse after garbage excuse. What kind of twisted crap was that? Mark Towle was obligated to do all he could to assist in finding a shipper and assisting by the terms stated within their 2nd Contract.

This is a message that is typical of Kory Geick threatening Scott Lee with a Lawsuit on Mark Towle's behalf. This was a regular thing. If they wanted extra work on Gotham Garage, or if they wanted more of Scott's Design output they would threaten to sue Scott if he didn't comply. Listen to Kory Geick threaten Scott Lee on Mark Towle's behalf. This was nearly a year past the deadline of the Second Contract and they still had not given Scott Lee their content to complete the 2nd site yet they kept demanding more work out of Scott. Kory Geick had still not written the text for the site by this time. Listen to this!

Stealing ContentThis next message is Kory Geick instructing Scott to STEAL CONTENT from another Web Site to publish on Gotham Garage. When Scott would ask if something they sent him to publish had any releases or permission from the owners of the content Scott was always put off or stalled and told publish it, if it becomes a problem we can remove it. Then later, within Mark Towle's complaint against Scott Mark Towle claimed in it that Scott Lee had been stealing content without his knowledge. Scott was also told by a friend that reviewed the court documents in the DC Comics case that Mark Towle attempted to claim Scott Lee was responsible for any infringements in his Web Site as well.

"I never at any time was shown any proof that the content I was being instructed to take from other Web Sites had any release of rights to publish for Mark Towle and Kory Geick and I asked for it constantly."

Kory Geick clearly instructs Scott to go to another Web Site and STEAL a video for publishing on Mark Towle's Web Site, Gotham Garage. Being ordered to capture and reuse content while being denied proof that Mark Towle had rights to use it was not part of any Contract Scott agreed to. Listen to this!

Scott was always being forced to do more and more.

"They were always demanding more and offering little to nothing as payment and if I objected I was told I would be sued."

Scott would demand extra parts for this extra work and then later they would deny they promised Scott those parts yet kept his work live on the Web and working for them that he completed to earn those extra parts. Mark expected that whatever they asked Scott to do was to be done without a discussion nor agreement as to what Scott would be paid for the extra work for Gotham Garage not covered under any contract. Eventually Scott demanded the agreements in writing and Mark Towle did that once or twice but never actually paid Scott anything he had agreed to towards any of the extra work. Scott never received a single thing they had negotiated as payment for the extra work he did for Mark Towle.

HandcuffsFrom moderating Mark Towle's forum, redesign of his Gotham Garage forum, creating videos, none of these extra demands were required under the contracts. Scott Lee was constantly resizing photos for Kory Geick to upload to forums or to send to clients. They simply demanded Scott do what he was told as if Scott was some sort of indentured servant and this really pissed Scott off. Kory Geick would continually ask for free work to be done with no payment out of friendship. Kory Geick would claim we are friends just do this for me. Some friends they turned out to be. With friends like Towle and Geick who needed enemies?

The message you are going to hear now is Mark Towle telling Scott to just create a video that Scott was told to create for Gotham Garage that would have taken hours and to just let Kory see it.

"I refused because I was sick and tired of working for free above and beyond contract while being treated like crap and I was left with no choice but to remove Kory from the project."

Scott was basically treated like their little bitch and Yes Man, being forced to do whatever they wanted when they demanded it even if it was going to take him hours and even weeks. If their little Bitch Barked about wanting to be paid for extra work. Scott would be told he had to do it to obtain his replica. Often these orders included do it or get sued by Mark Towle from California, which eventually Scott was.

Bully on PhoneWithin this next message Mark Towle says it should be two phone calls. What he is saying is he calls Kory Geick to tell Kory Geick he wants additional work not covered by the Contract and then Kory Geick calls Scott to order Scott to do the work and publish it on Gotham Garage. No third call to arrange additional parts nor payment to Scott. JUST TWO CALLS! Two calls and Scott was supposed to JUMP and say that's great let's do it! They turned Scott into their on call graphics slave and Scott had to bite his lip and do what they wanted or Scott was told you won't get your car, you're not being loyal, you'll lose all your money and work and get nothing.... etc etc... because you can't afford to fight Mark Towle in a Lawsuit.
Take a good listen to this!

"Mark would say he never authorized Kory to instruct me to design that but Kory was telling me Mark had authorized it. By conflicting each other over and over they managed to stall the completion of the second contract by more than a year while they went on using my previous work and denying me any payment."

After the work from their first contact was published on gothamgarage.net, Scott was kept from retracting his work by being locked out of Mark Towle's servers, their Facebook page and their forum.

"I was the one that had designed all of it and they locked me out and refused to pay me and were making excuses for over a year why I still didn't have the text for the 2nd Web site. Meanwhile, my first Web Site I designed for them was drawing customers for them to victimize and feeding them money."

One such victim was Michael Hunt of Louisiana that was drawn into an $85,000 dollar deal that Mark Towle refused to deliver a car for and was sued by Michael Hunt for nondelivery." Not only was Scott's work on Gotham Garage not paid for and Scott was getting totally screwed but his designs were being employed to harm and scam other people.

Michael Hunt was drawn into a scam after reviewing Scott's work on Mark Towle's Web Site, Gotham Garage and being fooled into thinking Mark Towle was legit. He paid Mark Towle $85,000 in advance and needed a Batmobile Replica for an event directly associated with the New Orleans Children's Hospital.

"Kory Geick and Mark Towle would laugh about his name Mike Hunt and refer to him as 'My Cunt'."

This good caring man trying to do something special for sick children was left with no recourse but to sue both Kory Geick and Mark Towle while they joked, held his $85,000 dollars and laughed about him behind his back. Mark Towle and Kory Geick are horrible disgusting people. Their signed agreement had a deadline to deliver a Batmobile replica for sick children that were hospitalized. Some with terminal diseases never met Batman nor sat in his Batmobile because two pieces of total garbage operating from gothamgarage.net cared only about themselves and thought it was very funny that Michael Hunt had his money taken and sick kids would be disappointed after Michael Hunt had advertised the event to children stating that Batman and his Batmobile would be there!

Mark Towle and Kory Geick didn't give a damn about those sick kids in that Hospital. Mark Towle kept Michael Hunt's money and forced him to sue him to get his money back. The case was settled with Mark Towle supposedly making payments to refund Michael Hunt and placing Michael Hunt under a non-disclosure clause so that Michael Hunt couldn't talk about what had been done to him and warn others about these two. See the proof of this case below.

Who the hell does such things to a guy wanting to help sick kids putting out $90,000. to give local and sick children the thrill of a possibly very short lifetime? How evil and sick a son of a bitches would these guys have to be to do such things and then laugh at him and call him a disgusting name? Can anyone make any sense of the nonsensical evil crap Mark Towle does? Michael Hunt was put under a non-disclosure clause in a settlement agreement so no one could find out what was done to him and those kids! We know what happened and WE ARE EXPOSING MARK TOWLE and KORY GEICK!

Towle V Lee PDF Download

"In the agreement between parties, Defendant agreed to construct the vehicle for Plaintiff in a timely manner, with the target date for delivery to be before Halloween, 2008. Plaintiff and Defendant thoroughly discussed Plaintiff's interest in and expectation of having the Batmobile available for the enjoyment of New Orleans area children at the Audubon Zoo "Boo at the Zoo" Halloween party on October 31, 2008. Plaintiff explained to Defendant that the event included children from the New Orleans Children's Hospital as guests, and that the Children's Hospital was one of Plaintiff's principal and longtime philanthropic projects."

This next message is of Kory Geick. Kory Geick denied he ever had a business relationship with Mark Towle and flat out lied in his Declaration filed in the West Virginia Lawsuit between Scott Lee and Mark Towle. This is the treatment Scott got from Kory Geick who claims he is a Man of God and was his good friend. These lies allowed Mark Towle to take jurisdiction of the dispute from West Virginia to California. Towle was convinced this change of jurisdiction would cause Scott Lee to fold and give up everything, but Scott is no quitter. Here is a recording of Kory Geick clearly doing business with and for Mark Towle proving conclusively that they both committed perjury in the Jefferson County Circuit Court of West Virginia within their sworn to be true documents filed in the court. Listen to this!

Kory Geick's Declaration can be viewed here!

First Page Second Page

Kory Geick's on-line admission that his job was working for Mark Towle can be viewed here!
Kory Geick's Admission

Mark Towle also denied Kory Geick as his agent or ever doing business with Kory Geick within his legal pleadings in not only West Virginia but also in the California Superior Court of the County of Riverside.

First Page Second Page

Please review this page of Mark Towle's answer where he fully denies to the Superior Court in California that Kory Geick has ever worked for him or performed for him in any authority as his agent.

Mark Denies KoryClick HERE to see Mark Towle's Denial that Kory Geick is his agent!

"Kory Geick was also making money off of my work and this is the repayment I got from a guy that kept telling me I was his good friend. In fact, both Mark Towle and Kory Geick continually stated I was their good friend and a member of the team but what I really was to them was a slave that they were using and never had any intention of paying me a thing much less my replica."

When Mark Towle was issued an injunction by DC Comics he could no longer sell or build Batmobile Replicas. Kory went into starvation mode, he lost his house, his wife and non-supervised visitation with his 3 children. Kory then thought to himself that he needed a new way to get money from people and nice things so he became an Internet authorized ordained Minister and set off to become a religious cult leader.

Kory Geick is trying to get cult followers by claiming he is a prophet of God. Kory Geick's new con is claiming to be one of the two witnesses of revelation and building a following of believers that will support him and give him money and nice things.

Kory Geick has videos being made about him at present for his now questionable activities as a so called Prophet of God! Kory says he talks to God and his angels and that they speak back to him. Can you hear echoes of Jim Jones and Marshall Applewhite?

Check this Out!


Take a good listen to this Man of God Kory Geick and be forewarned there is some really foul language in this recording below. Scott Lee's 8 year old child was subjected to this message broadcasting to her on Scott's answering machine because she was in Scott's studio coloring while Scott was outside doing some yard work.

This is likely what you can expect when dealing with Kory Geick of Gotham Garage, when wanting what you paid for and are sick of waiting and sick of being used by people pretending to be your friend. Listen to this!

This next message is more abuse from the so-called man of God, Kory Geick. At this point, Scott had received nothing but a junk Beacon Cage and Mark Towle and Kory Geick had refused to give Scott their content 13 months past the deadline of the 2nd Contract. They were both doing all they could to keep Scott from being paid anything while they continued to make money off of his years of work on gothamgarage.net and still Mark Towle had $8,000 dollars of Scott Lee's money.

Kory Geick had been removed from the project for being incompetent and not providing what he was assigned to do. Again at this point, Kory Geick had been removed for his incompetence and Scott was trying to get the Gotham Garage project done by dealing only with Mark Towle and getting changes and instructions in writing directly from Mark Towle.

"Kory Geick then went forward to constantly calling me after I removed him from the project and attempted to force me to do everything on the phone again with him, let him back in the project thereby taking responsibility off Mark Towle."

Batman with sharkKory Geick and Mark Towle funnel everything through Kory Geick so that Mark Towle can later deny responsibility for Kory Geick's agreements and things he promises people on Mark Towle's behalf and they do this intentionally with Mark Towle's permission and full knowledge. If Mark Towle makes an agreement verbally it is agreed to by Kory Geick telling the client that it's agreed to per Mark Towle's authority and then later denied by Mark Towle by his claiming that he ever gave Kory Geick the authority to make that agreement after the dispute ends up in a Court of Law. The victim is left powerless because the court rules that Kory Geick was just an advisor or Batmobile enthusiast and had no real negotiating authority for Mark Towle or Gotham Garage. This tactic is called a "Bait and Switch" and these two are Masters of that Con. Kory is very convincing. Kory could get a blind man to give him his cane and his seeing eye dog and then stand there watching the blind fella walk away bumping off walls and Kory would feel no guilt for any of it. Be very cautious of Kory Geick, he is a very devious salesman and extremely dishonest.

Do not ever allow Kory Geick to represent Mark Towle to you. When in Court Mark Towle denies Kory Geick even works for him or speaks for him as does Kory Geick.

False Prophet

Take a good listen to this Man of God while he tells Scott he has done everything for Scott and that Scott should be grateful. Scott should be grateful for being $8,000 poorer and having to suffer through 4 years of coerced web design with no payment for his work and no end in sight. Scott should be grateful for being locked out of his own design work while being constantly threatened to be sued as they demanded more product from him and left abusive messages. Listen to this Clown of the Con Rant! You can hear Kory's kid in the background of this recording. This is how he behaved in front of his very young children. This is how he treated Scott Lee whom he was pretending to be a good friend to but in fact had only ever lied to and used him. Listen to this!

Please review this lie by Mark Towle where he states that Kory Geick has never harassed Scott Lee while performing in Mark Towle's agency. Curiously enough this was after Kory Geick had sworn in a Declaration that he had never ever been associated with Mark Towle in business as well as Mark Towle stating in Court Documents that Kory Geick has never worked for him nor is his agent. The recordings prove Kory Geick has and did harass, threaten and verbally assault Scott Lee on Mark Towle's behalf.

We at BattyLeaks also have email proof that Mark Towle was notified numerous times in writing by Scott Lee that Kory Geick was abusing Scott Lee. Not only that, but we also have email proof that Mark Towle not only responded but forced Kory Geick on Scott even after he was removed by Scott Lee from the Gotham Garage project.

We will present them to you soon. So why would Mark Towle claim he had insufficient knowledge of the facts and why would Mark Towle tell this blatant lie to a Superior Court? Because he is an incredibly dishonest person? Click the link below for more Proof of the Truth! Are these two someone you would ever want to do any business with?

Kory has never harassed Scott for me!

It's also important to note here that Kory Geick admits he set all of this up. Kory Geick approached Scott Lee on Mark Towle's behalf to make a deal on a kit and Web Work. In Court both Mark Towle and Kory Geick stated in sworn to be true declarations it was Scott that made first contact and pursued Mark Towle for a deal. That was another lie!

They both lied in their declarations filed in the West Virginia Court. Kory Geick worked for Mark Towle and we all know that. Mark Towle made first contact with Scott through his agent Kory Geick. Kory Geick pursued Scott Lee for six weeks when Scott kept telling him No, due to their horrible reputations. Their perjurious calculated lies in Scott's West Virginia case caused Scott to lose Jurisdiction in West Virginia and forced him to counter sue Mark Towle in California.


Daddy's little Girl

Mark Towle didn't give a damn if Scott had a young child to feed or what extreme damages he was doing to him, his family nor his life. When Scott objected, Towle would just say "Deal with it or we can take this in another direction". The other direction Mark Towle was referring to was his suing Scott Lee fraudulently from California. Mark Towle did sue Scott and force him though 5 years of litigation for no good cause at all. Scott had to fight Mark Towle till his case against Scott was dismissed and then Scott had to continue to fight Mark Towle as his own attorney and prosecute Mark Towle in Towle's own home State of California that was 2,700 miles away. Only a truly despicable horrible person would do what Mark Towle has done to Scott Lee and his daughter.

Stacks of MoneyMark Towle would not claim he had all of his content to Scott until late August of 2011 another 12 months past the deadline for the contract to have been completed. Mark Towle refused to continue when Scott had the site completed in early September of 2011. Mark Towle refused to make the final review, stopped all responses to Scott and then his attorney sent Scott a letter demanding $27,500 to be paid to Mark Towle if Scott wanted his mounted replica. Scott Lee filed a Lawsuit on Mark Towle the next week. Mark Towle had massive amounts of Scott Lee's design work working for him on gothamgarage.net for nearly 5 years. He had stretched out another Web Site 13 months past the date it was contracted to be completed by refusing his content and making never ending changes. He quit that project and then attempted to extort $27,750 out of Scott for his car. What a Great Guy... NOT!

Mark Towle's letter of attempted coercion from his attorney full of false accusations against Scott can be seen here.

First Page Second Page

Of particular absurdity is that Mark Towle claims Scott was under a nondisclosure clause at the end of the letter, when Mark Towle had breached every term of their contract. Scott was not under any nondisclosure agreement. Anyone that is keeping silent because they think they are under some squelch clause when someone like Towle has not performed anything in their Contract is free to speak out.

Another absurdity is that Mark Towle claims Scott can't post the work he did and was never paid for because Mark Towle's images and products are in the designs. Not true. Scott had a clause within the first contract that states clearly he can post his work regardless. Mark Towle and his attorney would simply say whatever the hell they wanted, even make things up that aren't even in the contract in order to try and control Scott.

Brenda LeeScott was light years past ever being controlled at this point. Mark Towle had launched his frivolous lawsuit against Scott while his Mother was in her last months of a fatal illness and dying of Lung Disease. Scott had hoped to have the Batmobile to share with his Mother before she died. Mark Towle fully knew this. Not only did Mark Towle and Kory Geick do everything they could to keep Scott from sharing these moments with his Mom, they sent Scott's Mother to her death worried and wondering what would happen to her son. Scott was ready for TOTAL WAR with this Heartless Bastard! Scott promised his dying Mother he was going to beat Mark Towle's Lawsuit and he kept that promise. When Scott Lee was leaving the Courthouse after his victory, Mark Towle made an unkind comment to him about his deceased Mother.

It was all Scott could do not to grab Mark Towle by the neck and face-plant him into the curb outside of the Courthouse. Scott now regrets that he didn't do exactly that. It would have been well worth a night or two in jail, but being aware of his surroundings, without hesitation Scott replied, "no worries because you won't have to ever worry about seeing my Mom because you aren't going where she is, you are going straight to Hell."

The previous 5 years entailed Scott having to battle 5 high priced attorneys for whatever irrational narcissistic reasons Mark Towle had and having to travel to California to prosecute Mark Towle, which he did and won without ever having any training in law nor litigation.

Atytorney with mark Towle's MoneyNo one has any idea why Mark Towle has done all of this to Scott Lee. None of it makes any sense. Mark Towle likely spent more on Lawyers than a fully done Batmobile Replica could be bought for from Mark Racop of Fiberglass Freaks! Only Mark Towle knows how anyone could possibly be as evil and heinous as he has been to Scott Lee. Scott never did anything to deserve any of this other than to say enough, and stand up to Mark Towle and Kory Geick's Thievery and Bullying.

Scott Lee is the only person to ever refuse to settle and force Mark Towle through a civil trial as far as he knows and he is hoping that this Web Site will help protect others and keep Mark Towle and Kory Geick from damaging any one else's finances and life.

Maek Racop"I had a deal in the works with Mark Racop who warned me to stay away from these clowns. I wish I had listened to Mark Racop. I regret the day I ever got contacted by these guys. Kory Geick phoned me after getting my phone number off of my Web Site. Kory Geick made a point of telling people that he stole my deal way from Mark Racop but in his Declaration he lied and told the court I was pursuing Mark Towle. I did not pursue Mark Towle for a deal. To the time of this posting I have still not been paid and I still don't have my replica nor any of my money back."


Scott's friends and "Next of Kin" aren't very pleased either with Towle or Geick!

Mad Hillbilly!

Listen to this!


They Were Wrong!

Payback is a Bitch!

Scott has many more recordings and they will eventually be published on this Web Site as all of them have been housed and available to the public for review and copying for many years in the Courts of West Virginia and California!


"All that is needed for Evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing."

This site will be updated as time goes on and the evidence that defeated Mark Towle and his five attorneys will be made available to the public for the protection of the public against two deplorable guys that are still operating from the web site gothamgarage.com out of the states of California and South Dakota.